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Oh well looks like the menopause has set in, I'm having night sweats and through the day I keep getting really hot. I got told I could use primrose oil, sage but I asked my local chemist if I could take it with amytriptyline, tramodol, paracetamol and ibuprofen and they said no. I don't want to take prescription drugs if I can help it. Any suggestions please.

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  • Wear thin layers that can easily be stripped off or put on again.

    You can get handheld battery opperated fans too to help you cool down.

    I always sleep in pyjamas and then don't have the duvet over any of me except for a corner over my tummy - even a 4.5tog duvet is too hot at night.

    I did the menopause without supplements so don't really know what may or may not work.

    Did you ask the pharmacist for advice? Too many just say "no" to cover their own backs without really double checking .... the ones who just read out the package really annoy me - I've been reading since I was 5 and can do that for myself!

    Julie xx

  • What about black cohosh? It has worked for some of my friends. Jane x

  • I took blak cohosh it raised my liver levels to that of an alcoholic. Be very careful taking supplements of any kind with out your doctors knowledge xx

  • No not allowed to take it. That's another thing not to take

  • Please be very careful before taking any supplements. These can have severe reactions with our Fibro meds and could make you poorly. Please check with your GP or Pharmacist before taking any supplement, so many sound harmless and helpful when in fact they can have quite harsh side effects.

    With the menopause the symptoms can be quite intense themselves, so it's always best to check before taking anything at all, bearing in mind your current meds, your hormones and symptoms etc.

    Take care and I hope your menopause passes without too much hardship for you. I was lucky and sailed through without having to take anything and thankfully this all happened before my Fibro days too. Here's a hug. :)

  • I take very similar prescription medications to yourself. I dont think I could have survived my "change" without my sage. I also took soya isoflavones which is from the soya bean. As a vegetarian my diet has a high ammount of soya in it, and I love sage and onion stuffing. I wasnt told to stop eating these things with my medication. lol

    p.s. I did try HRT and it sarted giving me mini strokes.... give me the natural stuff anyday x

  • Hi -- try drinking soya milk as is contains "natural oestrogens" instead of cows milk -- put it on cereal and in tea and coffee -- i have been using it for the last 4 years and it has helped me hugely (does not appear to have any adverse reactions with meds) -- i have really got used to the taste of it now. I tried the Black Cohosh but found it did not help me. xx

  • Phytosoya has been great for me. Again it's plant eostrogens. I cannot take soya in the form of milk, etc but am fine with this. Nutritionist told me it's different to taking the whole bean. Also a wet flannel and a fan help with night sweats.

  • Sage leaf tablets from Holland & Barratt have been very good for me. I am taling much the same meds you are & my pharmacist told me there would be no interactions. They take about 6 wks or more to kick jn but they have been great help to me.

    Good luck.



  • Although you don't want to take meds I had hysterectomy at 35 and was put on Premarin 0.625mg at night lowest dose available fine to take with my night meds and I feel no diffenent now than I did before and that's been 10 years plus.

  • Evening primrose oil for me, my best advice for the menopause is to try and ignore if you can, it will pass eventually.

  • Hi I have had head sweats for a year or so real bad and just started with the rest of changes too :(

    I take no supplements, but found on QVC or Ideal world Cool pillow pads. They do take the heat from your head. They have a mattress one too but have not got that yet. I place them in the freezer for extra cooling at night and also put one at my back support in the car or the wheelchair. Makes the world of difference in keeping the head sweats down :)

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