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Menopause or Fibromyalgia

Hi all am I going mad? about 14 months ago I went to my GP as my back and shoulder was really painful she gave me some co codamol to this day I am still on it.

Over the months my symptoms are getting worse and the more I research Fibromyalgia the more I'm convinced I may have it.

I've had bloods about 6 months ago and it showed I was going through the menopause so Dr put me on HRT. I have been back to the Dr twice since then to be told my current symptoms maybe to do with the menopause.

These are the symptoms I told the Dr

1.pain everywhere someday's unmanageable even with meds someday's just like a dull toothache, arms and legs often feel like they are filled with concrete.

2. Terrible short term memory(for which the Dr laughed)

3. extremely tired even after 10 hours sleep and often have to sleep mid afternoon just to carry on.

4.Stomach problems

5. intolerance to loud noises


Have you ever heard the 'menopause' is this bloody painful! Reading back the above i sound like an old women i'm 49 for christ sake and used to love life.

I have to go back in 3 weeks and unsure what to say or do

advice would be great if any of you have had a similar experience

much love x

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Ask to be sent to a rumotologist write all your syptoms down and any questions b4 you go good luck x


Hi Nicknac -- I expect everyone's experience of the menopause is different, however having just gone through it myself I found that it certainly made my FM symptoms worse. Did you find that the HRT helped at all? Your list maybe suggests that it may not entirely all be due to the menopause, So as crissy suggests when you return to yr GP write out a full list of yr symptoms and ask if you can have a referral to a rheumatologist. good luck x


Hello there Nicknac. Your symptoms certainly don't sound like the menopausal symptoms I experienced. I know every case is individual, but I can't relate to any of the symptoms you describe. It all certainly sounds comparable with Fibromyalgia and would advise you to go to your GP, to discuss your symptoms and your thoughts on the matter.

It would be a good idea to ask for a referral to a Rheumatologist who hopefully will be able to make things a little clearer for you. Hopefully they will examine you, do the tender point test, perform blood tests etc to help with the diagnosis. Mention the menopause when you are there so it's taken into consideration.

I am posting a link describing symptoms of the menopause for you to look at, you will see it's very different to the symptoms you describe -


Best of luck to you Nicknac, we are all here for you. Please let us know how you get on. :)


Thank you all for taking the time to reply, I'm so pleased i've found this forum. :)

My Dr wants me to do another 3 weeks on the HRT to see if things improve and I'm going to have more bloods this wednesday to see if anything has changed since last time.

I'm to go back and discuss..... I'm going to take a list at your suggestion and also keep a diary as from today to see if she can pick up on anything more. She did mention ME and Fibromyalgia when I was last there but did not glorify on it.

My mum had polymyalgia a few years back and not sure whether the 2 are related.

This morning I dropped the kettle whilst pouring my morning coffee luckily the boiling water missed me but it did frighten me, somedays my hands are really painful and have no strength in them. I've been getting cramps in my hands and feet for a while now this is what often wakes me at night.

Today I have a craft fair outside and my body hurts all over :( however as someone who does not like to be beaten i'm not cancelling and have dosed up on my co codamol so by 11am I should start feeling better.

Much love to all x


Dear Nicknac, sorry to hear about your problems. I had the tests for menopause myself, but in my case it was ruled out. I would suggest you ask your doctor about thyroid tests as many people with Fibromialgia have thyroid problems so if blood tests flagged this up also, it would make it more likely that you could have Fibromialgia.


Just don't give up, it took many visits to my doctors, countless blood tests, everything ruled out,several times I must add, in the end I was diagnosed, it gets very tiresome but you'll get what you need in the end, u know your body !!!!!

Love nicki xxx


The menopause shouldn't cause severe symptoms - minor discomforts are probably to be expected, but not agonising pains, tiredness and bowel upsets.

This does sound like fibromyalgia to me, so I do hope your doctor can help you to find a solution!

Best wishes and hugs ... Moffy


sitting here reading your messages of support with tears running down my face(what a silly mare I am) thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I feel I can't speak to anyone I know anymore they just don't understand EG just had an email from a friend who was returning my email in which i was explaining how i could not on a bad day walk up and down the stairs......her reply I go for a bike ride at 6am every morning wanna come? the exercise will do you good!!!!!! now I feel angry and hurt :(

The craft fair was ok today but I was very snappy to my lovely husband :( so off to find him and the kids something nice for tea :)

much love x


As to see rhumatolagist if Dr says no see if you can change Dr as for Dr laughing in your face I'd put in a complaint if you can , no dr should laugh atyou good luck


Your symptoms sound a lot like mine - I have CFS/ME, Fibro and am 3 years into the menopause.

In your place I think I'd book an appointment with the GP for the next day or two, take along Hubby and a list of your symptoms. Ask Hubby to be the stroppy one if you are being fobbed off. Sady both Fibro and CFS/ME are diagnosed by exclusion ... which often means you have to pester like mad before finally getting a diagnosis and targetted treatment.

Julie xx


Hi Julie

urm taking hubby along would be like taking a 3 yr old lol.....he has no understanding at all and would not be good at being assertive. He is a very placid man and i love him dearly but his strengths do not lie in those area's :)

I'm quite good at being assertive i think as a mum of 3 with one being very ill for the last 5 yrs you begin to realise you have to stamp your feet (ouchy) somewhat to open doors. I'll let the GP play the waiting game for another 3 weeks then like you all I'll just keep going back. In fact for me I don't need a diagnosis it would just help me to be able to explain to others ignorance that i'm not unfit or spend too much time at work I am actually in pain!!

Thanks again Julie you've all been so kind

Much love x


Nicknac, you sound such a sweetheart....I send you light and support...those of us with chronic pain need as much support as we can get. Blessed be sista.x


I'll take the light and support if i maybe greedy Iampshire :)

Went to Dr today for more blood tests, not good after the 3rd attempt she gave up, am i human? I have no blood lol

have to go to main GP Friday been told to drink plenty puffs the veins up :P

trip to Dr has exhausted me so went to bed for 2 hours tbh i could have stayed there but forced myself up to finish off some orders that need posting tomorrow

feeling positive today but the body is lacking behind

thank you for caring, much love x


Update: for 3 days i was in so much pain and not one to complain about things but so worried could not wait the suggested 3 weeks before going back to GP. I went on Monday crawled into the surgery and she took one look at me and realised something was so wrong. my recent bloods showed an increase in CRP levels they were 0.8 a year ago now 5.0 not sure what that means, but has referred me to a rheumatologist, i got the appt through today 26th of this month so hoping they can find some answers.

Strange thing is and it's fabulous i have had 2 really good days hardly any pain at all, so maybe it was a blip or maybe reading on here it's what you guys call a 'flare up'

any suggestions why CRP was raised and is 5.00 from 0.8 cause for worry?


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