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daughter update

hey guys ,

how you all doing? hope your all doing well, just thought would give you an update on my daughter ami , she saw her oncologist today( i was deading the outcome of this) he has told her the results of the biopsy they tested the thickest and fattiest of the tissue and the furthest of the lympyh node gland (orbes), the cancer had spread to them and there is a chance it is in her blood or there is a chance she is already cured so next step chemo to kill any cells in the blood they is no test to test this so that is why they recommeding chemo they explained her chemo she will have it every 2weeks interveinously she will go on a monday have it put in then free to go home and then come back wednesday to have it removed , the post keep moving they drip feeding my daughter bits of info , i hope and pray to god it hasn't gone in her blood , she told me today her and her husband have a plan of action to rent a house near her mum-in-law they veiwed one today she was going to finish her job but after speaking with her boss they have created a job she will be able to do till she is well enough to go back to her original post after the chemo in 6months, she is an events manager for premier touch in austarlia, i am numb, i feel useless as a mum as i am here n she is there in oz we really dont know what we are doing we have not exactley got the money to be getting out there, my daughter is remaining strong and positive ans so must me and the hubby , my hubby is feeling fed up today it is soo blooming hard it is like we are in a film honestly , people speak n it's not registering it's sareal. how can i moan and complain how i am feeling when my daughter is being so positive , i keep getting palpations i know this i because i am worrying,i have had a burning pain in my chest this morning they both seem to have settled for the moment my feet hurt , my hips are hurting so on and so on , thanks for reading/listening i appreciate it is such a relief to say what i say on here , my youngest is now 27 + week pregnant and all is going well i am keeping my eye on her as she lives with us such a releif she is living with us xx thanks my fibro buddies , keep well and look after yourself now the colder weather is drawing in

gentle hugs

(((((( teresa xxx)))))

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It must be so frustrating for you and your family, you must look after yourself so you can be there for your daughter, so try and relax , it cost so much to fly out there as well , she knows your there at end of phone so try to look after your self,

Take care flower

Nicki xxxx


hi lovely lady thankyou for the update. Iam sure you are helping your daughter by keeping in touch and sending love and showing how much you care. Could you not chat to her on skype ? it may help you being to see how well she is doing , treatment is advancing all the time with new chemo drugs etc and the cure rates are improving. its lovely that you are going to have a grandchild and that she lives with you so you can look after each other. Warm hugs


we chat on facebook skype most evenings and she messages me all the time so i am in constant contact with her and she has said there is no point in getting into debt and everything is undercontrol i am being looked after extremely well by the medical people, and my hubby is taking good care of me xx soo i know she is ok but when you child is ill no matter how old you just want to hold them and say it's ok mums here x 25 years old with a little boy of 7months her an her hubby are pretty amazing coping the way they are inspirational xx


yes so true my Mums the same with me and i am 56 lol, i have had the don't sit around all day , gently keep moving etc so it never leaves us its being a Mum. its so lovely that you have a great support network as it helps so much.warm hugs J xx


Chemo is a tough journey to make when it's you that's going through it... However I cannot begin to imagine how much harder it must be to have to watch your own child going through this... (It doesn't matter how old they are they are still your children!!)

It's lovely that you are in such frequent touch though, she sounds like a strong lady who is fighting her battle with great bravery & I'm sure you will become even closer through this ordeal.

My thoughts & good wishes are with you - and your two lovely daughters (best wishes for her and her new baby too!!)

Sending gentle cyber hugs.


teresa, you can say how you feel and how your pain is, you need to voice it. you have a lot going on and bottling it up will make you worse.

your daughter is handling it well and knows she has your support.

she and your family are still in my prayers.




I send my best wishes & prayers for your whole family.

Life is so unfair sometimes, but be strong & know we care too. Hope that helps.

Gentle hugs to you all. xx


I felt the same when y hubby told me that a lump on his tonsil was cancer but they for it all he had radiotherapy and is clear I felt the same again 5 years ago when my mum told me she had lung cancer she didn't make it she had low lung capacity so they couldn't operate we lost her 2 years ago but keep optimistic she's young and healthy she'll pull through praying for her still gentle hugs


i lost my mum to cancer of the osophecus 6years ago she really suffered and had a the super bug in her wound , 3 years ago i lost my dad tp prostate cancer he had problems but kept them to himself so was to late but at first they was optimistic but after further treatment and investigation he couldnt be save it broke heart to watch my father who never had a days ailment tradgically duffer the way he did my world fell appart so i am aware of how cancer effects you as a family but feel extremely diferent to my mum n my dad this my daughter i gave birth to her she is part of me a very special bond my first born to i am bearing up pretty well i am positive and believe she will be fixec as she calls it she says don't worry mum i can be fixed them words make me feel so proud but also at the same time i am in pieces in my head an body and like all people when feeling unwell a cuddle of ya mum is good its really har to explain myself my kids are my world i am so scared as anyone knows that has someone who is through cancer the post move at every visit to your specialst as thy have already these things are running riot in my mind but also in another way i am believing it will never get to any well i adont want to say as my beautiful precious daughter who is a mum her self to a little 7month old boy is fight the fight to be well , I AM SOOO SCARED AND FRIGHTENED REALLY I CANNOT LIE XX


It will be ups and downs for the next few weeks, I know it is hard but you have to look after yourself, she needs you to be well so she does not start worrying about you too. Be proud that your daughter is fighting this with all she has and glad that she has such support all around her. It is difficult being so far away but she knows you are there for her in all the ways that you can be xx


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