sorry long question about daughter ESA and my DLA. don't normally talk about it but need some adult advice. lol

my daughter was in the support group, she then moved in with her partner and stopped claiming. after having her baby her condition ( HMS) has got worse and me and my other daughter were there every day whilst partner worked. i have HMS and fybro as well as other things and could not carry on driving the 17 miles every day to her place to help look after the baby, also my middle daughter could no longer help as she is working and doing a uni course as well as church duties. so my daughters partner had to leave work to look after my daughter and grand daughter ( baby has reflux ) she went back on esa and as it was less than 6 months since her last claim stopped she was put straight back on with partner as an add on. suddenly 6 weeks ago her money went down and she got a letter saying she was now in the wrag group., she received the forms for the medical and we filled them in and sent it back, just waiting for the medical date. she had to go to her work related activity today and the assessor there was appalled she was there! could not decide how to fill in the questionnaire as he could not put that she would be looking to go back to work in the next yr or so ( she has 5 ops lined up for hips, shoulder and knees as they dislocate) he said he would phone her on 11th of next month but he is hoping atos will put her back in the support group. she then had dr's today as she has not been well since having her baby 8 months ago and she started having her 'blackouts' again. the first thing the dr said is do you drive as if so i have to take your license away as i think you are having Petit mals and it could be a form of epilepsy and she is not to be left on her own with the baby or when cooking?? she also has to have lots of blood tests and back to see a neurologist. should she tell atos about the new tests and poss epilepsy or do we take that to the medical after she has had all the tests? whilst i am dealing with all this i am going through the process of applying for DLA due to my medical problems due to HMS fybro had a brain tumour out 2004 and its the sort that will come back in the next 5 yrs or so. just had letter saying they cant make a decision at the mo as they are getting a report from my GP. i don't see my GP only to get my meds hardly see them see my oncologist more. does this bode well that they are asking for a report from GP or should i just think its a NO already? not applied before as my son is autistic and hubby has parkingsons and mobility/memory problems. he only gets the mobility side of DLA as not reapplied for the care part ( even though he has to be watched 24/7) as worried about him loosing the whole lot. sorry this is long lots to ask and thought i would ask all at once rather than different posts

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  • Hi, my advice to you is ring CAB citizens advice bureau first thing in the morning and ask for a home visit. They will help you as much as you want them to also they will put you in touch with the right people and on the right track. They are excellent with form filling to.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards

    Terrie x

  • hi we went to the CAB and the person who was the benefits specialist was useless. we had to tell him the rules regarding carers and benefits! he kept looking on the gov website for his answers. I had a lady from the pension services come out and help me fill in my DLA and she was great, I felt worse by the time she left as she really got to my worse days unfortunately the isle of Wight is not that up on advice ect.

  • Oh dear, the system seems to be bad all over. Im sorry about that.

    Terrie x

  • I would have said you can try Welfare Rights, I think they are more up to date with things ike this. Never think you have lost something until you hear from them is my advice. I wish you well with this xxxxx

  • I'm at a loss to know quite what to say but just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you & send you some gentle cyber hugs. xx

  • my thoughts too,


  • Your daughter must surely qualify for DLA as well as ESA.

    Regarding your little grandchild and reflux - have you tried putting a dummy in baby's mouth the second he/she stops feeding? This has worked with a number of babies (including my eldest daughter) and stopped the results of reflux and projectile vomiting and avoided talk of operations to the wee mite. At 8 months the baby should be growing out of it in a month or two.

    If your daughter has had her driving license taken away due to medical reasons she will be entitled to a free disabled persons bus pass.

    I would certainly think about reapplying to the DWP for the care component of your husband's DLA. Also contact Social Services to get a careplan drawn up for you and your husband and see if you need carers to come in and help. Having this in place before you seen off your DLA is useful.

    Make sure you get hold of the Benefits and Work help sheets for DLA and ESA, you can do this by sending a message to Admin asking for the sheets - don't forget to tell them your email address :-)

    Finally look through past blogs and questions because there is a huge wealth of advice in them and the replies.

    ((((( gentle hugs to the four of you )))))

    Julie xxxx

  • hi thanks for the reply. sorry not answered before now had 2 'good' days well i have been able to get up and walk around and go out. thanks for the hugs, my motto is that there is always someone worse off than yourself and i also have my faith and church that keeps me going. julieevh my daughter was turned down twice for DLA last time was last year, so we are going to try again after she has seen her consultant next week for her HMS. will have a little wait for her to a neurologist as we don't get them coming to the island often so hoping she will get an appointment in Southampton. my husband has been seeing the dementia team who have helped in getting some adaptations to the house and helped get my daughter a house and my son a support worker and personal budget and get me some counselling as had got very depressed and down. just got to sort out personal budget for my husband and sort myself out.( as usual us mums go last lol) will definitely email admin for the sheets thanks

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