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Dermatomyositis v Fibromyalgia? Took my daughter to doctors!!

Hi all, Thankyou for your comments recently xx We have now been told that her doctor definately thinks she now has Mr Fibro!! so now she has to go n have lots of blood tests also because the doctor needs to make sure her dermatomyositis hasn't flared up again - It's so unfair DM is a horrible illness n to have fm on top at only 16 yrs! she has been put on amitriptiline at the moment n has to go back in 2 weeks -she is starting college in sept so really wanted it to be a good outcome! Just wish I could say or do something to make her better - it's horrible to have to watch your children go through any sort of pain etc - I'm close to tears as I am writing this - but she is like me in a lot of ways - very strong willed n determined she will not let anything beat her lol - big soft fluffy hugs to all xxxxxx Mystique xx

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Hi there ,I am so sorry to hear about your poor daughter bless her,i believe that her strong will ,will get her through,as I have a daughter who has gone through some similar. things to your daughter.

My daughter is 26,she has soooooooooo many health issues,to many to mention,she is being treated for systemic lupus at the moment,but it is now felt she may have multiple sclerosis and discoid lupus,no one is really sure,but she works fulltime in a busy management job,very physiacally demanding job,she has 3 year old twins and no matter what she will not take it easy,yes! I know this can be making her worse,but she will not let it beat her,(is what she says),I do feel sorry for your daughter and imagine,like yourself her strong will,will get her through

I don't know how my daughter does it! Hope your daughter gets all the heglp she needs to get by,my daughter was thought to have ME in her young teens and the schools and colleges were good for extra time to do work,etc.

Take care Sandy.


Thankyou Sandy, Bless her your daughter sounds amazing - we will have to let her college know when we get the full results back - My daughter has been in n out of hospitals all her life with her dermatimyositis so she is used to that side of things she also has fibrodenoma n now fibro - I hope the college will be understanding as this will be her first year. I am sending you n your amazing daughter lots of love n best wishes n hope you both have a lovely day - thankyou so much xxxx


Ah bless,your daughter has had a rough time,it makes me so angry sometimes,when lovely people who have never hurt a fly can suffer so much,and horrible evil people get away Scot free.

It is definatley worth having a chat with her college,i don't know who you would need to speak to but someone will be able to tell you.

My daughter got extremely rest breaks in her exams,also longer times to do coursework,also she was told if she had any problems then who she needed to see to help her.

I know your daughter may not want to feel like she is getting special treatment but hey! Every little bit of help will be a great relief to her,especially with the severe fatigue.

Hope all goes well for your daughter,she has a lot to deal with so any extra help from the college will make life a little easier.

Take care,Sandy x


Thankyou I will make some enquiries just read this to her n she thinks you sound really lovely - I said you are xxxx hope you have a good day.

Take care n lotsa hugs xxxx


I was diagnosed with fybro in 2007, in the last year I have had skin problems, they now think I have Dermatomyositis. I work full time and try not to let it get me down. but sometimes the skin lesions on my fingers and hands are so painfull. I am having tests at the moment to get a clearer picture of what is going on. I was wondering if it's always been Dermatomyositis and doctors thought I had Fibro. Any thoughts out there.


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