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Daughter ill and it is making me worse!

My daughter spent a week in hospital with suspected kidney stones. She was rushed in on the Friday and we spent all day in A&E. Then she was moved to a ward, she was in so much pain she could not walk. GP said kidney stones and paramedics said kidney stones, but hospital doctors waited until Monday before doing anything. She had x-rays, they claimed clear. She had a CT scan., claimed to be clear, but they did not use the dye which they were supposed to do. She was sent home on paracetamol on the Tuesday. Since then she has been passing stones they say are not there. Yesterday she passed one the size of a 5p piece and it sounded like she was giving birth in the process. So I have gone from having hubby do all the shopping in one go, to me having to go out and do a bit each day. She also has NEAD and cannot be left alone and I certainly cannot move her should she start fitting. So for the past two weeks I have been in so mch pain and so exhausted. I will check back in in a few days or so, thankyou in advance xxxxx

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Oh dear sorry to hear that. You feel so helpless when your child,no matter what age is suffering. :-(

Big gentle ((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))) to you and your daughter. :-)

Hope you soon feel better,I will send healing thought to you !! xx


You poor thing,I realy feel for both of you,if we were there we would give you a big soft hug!things will turn out for the best,you'll all come through it you know that.

(((((((((((((( soft hugs ))))))))))))

And lots of them xxx


She really needs more painkillers than paracetamol poor lass. When I had them (2 lots now) I was sent home with 600mg iburofen and 30/500, cocodamol and even then it was uncomfortable. I think it is one of those things that unless you have had them you can not imagine the intensity of the pain - and therefore the need for decent pain relief.

Did you save the stones? If you did the hospital can determine what is the composition of the stones and advise if anything needs to be avioded in her diet.

Get her to drink loads and loads of water to swill all the nasties out and keep her kidneys and urethea clean whilst the internal scratches that the stones leave heals, sadly the scar tissue left can cause some discomfort too I have found :-(

Julie xx


Julieevh mentions diet,recently in a tabloid paper there was a full page piece on a doctor who had fibro,she went on an oxolate free diet,which means cutting out certain foods,apparently doctors give this diet advice for people with kidney stones,I'm not saying you should do it but it helped the doc with fibro,I checked it out online and printed out loads on what to eat and what not to eat,I will admit as yet iv not tried it...mainly cause there was so mutch I'd have to give up!!LoL xx


The kidney stones can be made up of one of several minerals, the stones have to be examined to determine the mineral and then a decision has to be made over whether it is advisable to restrict this item weighed up against other health issues; eg if the mineral was calcium would cutting down on milk and cheese be adviable as this is an essential mineral for bone health? It is a decision to be made with expert medical advice as it isn't a case of "one size fits all" ... nothing so simple wouldn't you know!



So sorry to hear of your daughters illness OG. I do hope she is feeling better really soon and you too.Jane x


hi I understand how you feel my son has fits and it is such a worry I hope your daughter gets better soon and I hope you can get some rest soon take care love beth x


Sending Gentle hugs your way,hope you and your daughter are better real soon xxx


Ouch! you poor Daughter...hope she gets better soon x


I hope your daughter feels better really soon, this must be awful for her.

Please have a word with your GP about the latest happenings regarding stones for advice and also for hopefully better pain relief.

Here's a hug for you, it sounds like you need one and one for your daughter too. (((hugs)))


Please take care of yourself too and get as much rest as you can, it's bound to take its toll on you, bless you xx


Not sure what I can add to all this love but have a gentle hug from me. (((()))))

Keep blogging when things get too much and know that we'll be here for you.

I hope she gets better soon.

Take care



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