Total panic!

My daughter, whom I thought really understood this fibro git, was shocked at the way I panic now. Take the day before yesterday, it was twenty to seven at night, I was sat all alone waiting for hubby and son to come home when I saw someone walk up my path. I was shocked to see an old friend and her hubby, I was hit with this instant panic that made sweat run out of every pore and for the life of me I could not move and open the door!.

Today, my daughter comes round, I had arranged a friend to come over to decorate my living room, so there we were when my daughter announces she has invited her friend and her little boy round for the day! the same instant panic hit. She looks at me and gives me the dreaded MOTHER! what in the hell is the matter with you? is she being serious? I told her I was giving her the link to this site so she can see (hopefully) that I am not weird or cracking up?

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  • It is so weird what we panic over.

    Back in the day I taught IT up to A level standard, now I get all in a tizzy when the printer cartridge needs changing; I get so angry with myself for having these panic attacks that are so out of character of the old me. Drives you mad doesn't it?

    Julie xx

  • Hiya Julie, I used to be so outgoing, would have a house full of children and friends with children whilst being on the phone to other friends, now I just freeze at the thought of anyone turning up. Where have I gone? it breaks my heart what this has done to me. Will I ever come back?

    Someone posted yesterday about a doctors visit, and she couldnt answer simple questions, thats exactly how I go, then get myself into such a state I cry. And I hate it when I cry.

    x X

  • hi I wonder if you ever thought of counselling after all the Gp can help get soem free and it will help with things like panic yes people deal with emotions diffrently as with FMS we are already in pain and sencitive so your not alone xx gentle dyslexic hugs

  • Nanatre it might be worth having a word with your GP to see if they can prescribe you something to help you keep a little calmer and not panic. We all need a bit of help sometimes, it isn't an admission of failure. We have a lot to contend with on a daily basis with Fibro, a little bit of help can make all the difference. Take care. :)

  • Thanks guys. I am on anti depressants, and my doc has sent me to see a counsellor and a pysciatrist (excuse spellings), thats some thing else I have to spell!. Yeah anyway I had a meeting with both to see exactly what help I needed. I am off to have some counselling next week I think it is. I hope they can help me.

    You are all so kind


  • Our pleasure Nanatre, we all care about each other here. I am sure the counselling will help you, sometimes just pouring your heart out helps. They say when the mind is clear we manage everything including pain and fatigue better, so it's worth a try.

    Wishing you all the very best, please let us know how you get on, take care :)

  • I so sympathise! My panic is over driving places I don't know. Even if they are realy straight forward. I have to get my daughter to come with me on a 'dummy run'! I feel so useless. I have to go for my Blue badge Medical next week and am dreading having to ask if My daughter can she do a 'Dummy run' with me first! It is less than 7 miles away and I am sure if I download the route step by step I will be fine, but it is just that abject panick. And about what??? Thought it was just me. Is this another Fibro side effect?? Panic attacks?? Or something quite separate? x

  • @ suejayjay

    Have you thought of doing your trial run on googleearth, or using the little yellow man on googlemaps?

    Julie xx

  • Me too! I used a disabled loo on thurs and they had a new [to me] hand dryer that you slide your hands down into. it started immediately, very powerful and noisy. It really frightened me and I wanted to cry. It shook me up and affected me for ages.


  • You are not alone, I became anxious about the smallest things and my kids did not understand either. I ended up becoming very depressed as well so saw my GP who prescribed anti depressants and referred me to see a Community Psychiatric Nurse, who was a great help. So don't suffer in silence speak to your GP re help available.

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