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Hi all, so had sea assessment today with hubby there for support. The nurse seemed quite clued up on fibromyalgia. Was there for over an hour, audio taped which she gave me a copy off. Loads of questions, but very pleasant in her manner. At end she said I know it's difficult but try not to worry I think you'll be fine! But you never know so now the wait for the dreaded brown envelope! Now just had a call to say my eldest daughter been admitted to hospital in Southampton with severe stomach pains, she also has ME aged 22! Very worried. Doctor thinks it's the naproxen she's been prescribed by go which she shouldn't have as she's had gastritis in the past!

Thank you all for your continued support.


Jo x

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  • Hi Jo

    It seems you were extremely lucky to have an assessor that has actually heard of Fibromyalgia let alone have a good knowledge of it.

    I sorry to hear your daughter is poorly. It seems to be one thing after another doesn't it?

    I lurch from one problem to another never getting a break. It's no wonder our bodies feel so battered and bruised.

    I hope your daughter gets sorted at hospital and is ok.

    Lu xx

  • Thanks Lu. I do worry about her. She's so young with her life ahead of her but she's so deflated. Yes it was surprising, she mentioned about crash and burns, widespread pain, how symptoms change sometimes from hour to hour! But after everything I've read I'm still very skeptical! I got a copy of the cd but should I contact dwp for written copy?

    Jo x

  • Hi

    I didn't get a cd of my assessment. I 'failed' my assessment and had to go to Tribunal, which took a year in total.

    When I got my report which was full of blatant lies, I was going to give in, but I'm glad a friend persuaded me to appeal. I won my Tribunal. I asked for that to be recorded after the previous farce but it wasn't.

    I should imagine you'll be ok as you have a recording of the questions asked and the answers you gave. That way they can't lie.

    Did they say how long it would be until you hear?

    I'm not entirely sure on this, but I think you get a copy of the report with your decision. (Maybe you only get one if you lose I'm not entirely sure).

    Personally I wouldn't contact the DWP as it could hold up your decision if they take your file out to answer your question. Could be wrong !


  • Hi she said it would probably be around 2-4 weeks for decision but is sometimes quicker if decision is straightforward! Before I read your message I rang dwp and asked for hard copy of report which she's put on file. She said it should b sent with decision letter so well see! Now the wait for dreaded brown envelope! If it's Awarded does it just start from when decision made? I've Been on contribution based esa since last September


    Jo x

  • Hope your daughter gets better soon ... Big hugs xx

  • do you think the excitement has got to you joannie? sea? and not ESA? .hehehehhe big hugs xx

  • Audh lol just saw that!

    Jo I'm easily excited these days

    Jo x

  • Hi audh - I was just reading this post and wondering what on earth a sea assessment was - thought it was some kind of therapy and was about to google it until I read your post - hahahaha - that must have been a fibro moment too lol xx

  • Hehehhehe .... Too good for my own good sometime ... Lol xx

  • Hi landslider yes was having a fibro moment lol

  • Glad gthe assessment seems to have gone well. Please let us know what the results are when you hear them. Do hope that you duaghter is feeling better soon.x

  • Hi Joanie, I am sure you don't have to worry now, the worst is over with the esa now as that sounded really positive assessment, just sit back and wait for the good news and keep positive with fingers crossed for added luck. I do hope your daughter is going to be ok and she sounds like she's in the best care and she's got a wonderful mum to be there for her when needed. xx

  • Cath thank you. That's very kind x


  • As kind as you are and a lot of others on here too and because you deserve it, I am so glad I found this site even though I can't always be on it too often to reply but try read and keep updated when I can

  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with the outcome. I also want to sincerely wish your daughter all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Sorry to hear of your condition and my thoughts are with you and your daughter Bless!

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