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OMG sure my body hates me

I apologise in advance for slight rant :P. Woke up this morning to my neck shoulders and back feeling like someone set me on fire and pain shooting down legs. As if that was not enough I have corneal dystrophy as well as fibro and a few others things and it feels like someone stabbed my left eye leaving me with a migraine. All I did was clean my kitchen :'(. Oh well guess it's a day of being high as a kite on painkillers (which don't always do much as my doctor is slowly building up my dose) and curl up in bed with tv or a book (mind you almost asleep typing this lol). This just gets so FRUSTRATING.

Rant over my bed is calling me, hope everyone else is doing ok.

Hugs ;)

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You rant as much as you want, that's what makes this site so great and friendly.

I hope you take it nice and easy today, rest and recover, that is part of this awful fibro. I too feel my body has turned on me as i used to be so active. I cleaned out my car Monday. The sun was out, I felt great, the car looks great and ready to sell but boy have I paid for it since. I run my own dog walking business and that keeps me going but I am finding it so hard.

I hope when you wake up you feel a little better and are able to face the world again.

Piggle hugs xxxxx


Thank's for the comment. This just gets so frustrating and I have a lot I need to deal with atm only my body keeps saying oh no you don't I am not going to let you.



If it helps you have brought smiles of recognition to my face and naturally my sympathy for you goes along with it. Mr. Scamp. x


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