I cannot believe the weather the sky just went black the heavens openred and i mean really opened it is thunder and lightening too it is awful it looks like someone is throwing buckets of water at my window lol

i have had a hot bath and am sitting with my heat pad but still in so muchpain it is unreal lol

man who bought the car jus text me to say thankyou it is great on fuel and he is very happy with it so thats good well i am now odff to relax a bit so lov eto you all diddle x

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  • awww, I am going to try my new blanket and see if it hellps. Still like the idea of a massage pad, can you let me know where you got it from

  • hi it was asda but a while ago try e bay / amazon if no luck love diddle x

  • hi , its been like that all day here its flooded my garden and patio once again x

  • Hope you feeling better soon, keep warm and safe

  • Crazy weather! At work and saw the sun peaked out from behind the clouds sob decided to pop out quickly but by the time I got out it was raining again! I only work on the first floor!! Lol! Feel better!!

  • Hi diddle, pleased you sold the car, and i hope your pain starts to ease soon, hugs, kel xxxx

  • Good news about the car diddle :) Hope you feel brighter tomorrow. The weather is miserable :( Cant we all hibernate till the sunshine appears?,LOL

    Lou x

  • Hope you get a good night. I've gone to bed warm with my electric blanket! Husband too tight to put heating on for longer!! Good night x

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