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Body Letting me down

I am only 57 but feeling so old. I have got my gorgeous grandson Max who is 4 over to stay for 2 nights. He hasnt been for 18 months as I have been to ill to look after him but having perked up a bit just lately I thought it was time he came. He is so excited at being here but I am totally exhausted and he only came at 4.00 I hadnt realised just how much there is to do with a little one he is very independant and good but didnt manage to get him to bed until 9.00 and he usually goes at 7.00 I am going to bed shortly as I know it will be an early start in the morning. Sorry to ramble on but I am just so upset at how hopeless I am now compared with 18 months ago, then we would have been running around the park chasing one an other now I cant even get to the park. All he wants to do tomorrow is go to the beach his bucket and spade is near the door ready and we will do it but I am dreading the consequences. Sue x

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Know the feeling just had my 4 and 5 year old stay for 3 nights, for fist time , was exhausted by the time they went home , but oh what a great time was had by all, and worth every minute , when I gave them back, just rested and did nothing for 2 days, can not wait for next time, they are small for such a short time, and you will remember what a great time you had, putting our problem at the back of our minds, So just enjoy.


Oh dear Sue, I think we can all understand exactly how you feel. You want to spend as much time as you can with little Max and yet you are filled with dread about how all this activity will affect you afterwards. We always pay for overdoing it don't we. I find that feeling puts the dampers on everything, I end up not looking forward to anything because I live in fear about how I am going to feel afterwards, will it be a couple of days in bed, will it cause a flare-up etc. It's perfectly understandable how you feel, I do feel for you. It's so unfair isn't it.

Max is an energetic little boy and the World is full of wonder for little ones at that age, they need to explore and keep on the go, they are like little sponges soaking everything up, I expect you feel guilty too because you think you should be doing everything with him and yet you worry because of your condition. So many of us can understand and relate to this. You have no need at all to feel guilty my dear, you can't help it, it's not your choice. You are doing the best you possibly can and you are prepared to suffer for it afterwards, there is no greater love for Max than this.

All you can do Sue is your absolute best, which I know you are doing. You love Max, he knows and feels this and that at the end of the day is the most important thing. He will never forget the love you have for him and as he gets older he will understand that you aren't 100% and yet you always did you very best for him. There is no greater gift to your grandson than what you are doing already with him and for him. Bless you, here's a hug. :)


Hi Thanks we have had a lovely time at the beach today my son and his friend came with Max and I We had great fun digging and paddling and throwing stones into the sea.and then went for fish and chips. We went early this morning because the weather forcast said rain after lunch and when we left at 2.00 the rain had just started. When we got home had 2 have a shower as covered in sand and my trousers are wet. Now sat with a cuppa and my feet up Max is with my son upstairs while I try and recover. However much pain I have now it has been worth every bit of it as we had such a wonderful time. Sue xx


Hello Getactive I know how you feel we have our 14 month old granson once a fortnight Saturday till Tuesday as we shop on Tuesdays, its easier to drop him off on the way as it costs less on petrol that way, we have had him since he was about 3 or 4 weeks as his mum wanted to drink and didn't want him to be put at risk by being with her and his dad at a party one night so we said we would take him this arrangment was going to start when he was about 3-6 months old his mum wanted him to know his Nana and Granpa better than she knew hers as the live in Norfolk.

He's a lovely little boy I think I'm lucky as we have his toys in a box in the living room he just gets out what he wants to play with or gets a book and climbs up beside me its as though he knows my legs hurt, we do have to close the living room door or he's off upstairs, we can't put up a safety gate as I have a stair, lift my husband does most of his caring as I can't but I can read to him but I do wish I could get down on the floor and play with him.

So we know how it is keep well gentle hugs. Sithy.


Hi Sue know just how you feel, I have a 7yr old grandaughter and since having this problem I cannot do very much like I used to but we craft cards together, she loves that. As for my little 6mth grandson I cannot do very much, this illness robs you of so much energy and it hurts just to hold him and let him bounce on my lap but I still do it as he is such a little smasher. Without them and my family this ordeal would not be something I would put myself through any longer. They light up my life. gentle hugs edna.


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