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Life hates me

Looks like we are soon to be homeless , looks like my DLA may have vanished at the point of renewal . I have my autistic son sleeping on a sofa in my one bed bungalow . Husband's business is just about on the rocks .

How much more stressful can life get ?

I've been having pain in my chest today , which is what happened when I'm stressed and boy am I stressed right now.

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hello helen I am sorry to hear of your troubles you have so much stress to cope with do you have any help with your son how old is he you need to get some advice I wish you luck take care love beth


Oh bless you allways happens at once but try to keep posotive and try to deal with one issue at a time if you try to do it all together you will explode bless you try to focus on keeping your home first / then on sorting out the business the best way you can and then tackle the DLA and hopefullythen once you are putting 100% into each thing you may get somwwhere with it all but obviously i am talking blind as i do not know your circumstances but wish you luck in sorting it all out . If not why not go to your local CAB or DIAL centre they are normally good at helpimg in these sort of things i would call and get an appointment .love to you diddle x


how awful what a horrible time you are having of it ,sending you lots of hugs xxxx


Sorry to hear that Beth2. Follow Diddle's advice. Sick and tired of the way they treat Fibro sufferers. Also you can do without the added stress. Go to Appeal if need be.Bless you and lots of hugs. Let us know how you get on!!!! xxxx


Helen i just want to send you a big hug, you sound like you need one.

I am sorry you are having a bad time of it lately. Make sure you keep resting and i hope things will turn around for you real soon.

hugs, kel xxxx


Don't give up,my best friend has been fighting for her dla for well over a year,went to tribunal and won and then the bastards still wouldn't pay her!!! Finally this

Last week they have relented and she is finally getting her money. You must not give up I know what's its like I have been there myself but despite all these troubles in our lives we have to keep going for our kids.xx


Thanks all . I haven't given up, but I am getting tired of fighting .

I would really just like a break from it all , this constant worry and stress doesn't help .

I'm starting to wonder if this isn't the government's way of forcing people into voluntary euthanasia .

I'm wondering what the statistics on suicide are for people who've had the benefits removed or claims turned down.



soft hugs & kisses Helen. dottiedog


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