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Well today my partner brought the mail in and there was a dreaded brown envelope with DWP on the back, I got upset and did not want to open it ( because I am still trying to recuperate after more surgery

So my partner opened it and started laughing,then he passed the letter to me

So gingerly I read it, and nearly fainted with the shock,and this is what it said,when I was in the contribution based Esau I was entitled to a Christmas bonus but their records show it was not paid to me between 2009 and 2013, so they will be putting it in to my bank account within 3 days!!!

How bizarre!! So I am going to keep a keen eye on my bank for it!!

I might have to call in a security firm!!

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Oops that should read was not Esau!!


Darn , fibro fog , that should read esa no Esau !!


Don't get too excited ~ it's not much 😳

But, every little helps

Hugs Lu xx


Why wot is a Xmas bonus never been on it before I never got any think lol good luck x


If I remember correctly I got £10 Christmas bonus. It definitely wasn't more than that :)



happy days!!.......get well soon xx




Every penny counts so it's great news :)

Fluffies and smiles to you :)

xxx sian :)


Checked my bank account and they have put £10 in, but if they have missed payment from 2009-2013 , and you get £10.00 every Christmas should be more I reckon, might ring the, and ask them to explain??


I got exactly the same letter, dated 19/06. I checked my bank account and they have paid me - £10! I must be careful not to spend it all at once. Hope you fare better

Em x


That is absolutely wonderful news to read. Good luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I received 1 of these letters too.. Still waiting for the money!

Gentle hugs to everyone. x


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