my depression help me x

i could do with a friend at the moment who understands how i am feeling.. my depression is at a all time low, have got some family issues, but if i was feeling ok i would be able to deal with them.... as i am so low, i am crying over everything..... which is making my fibro worse... i have withdrawn from going out,( 5 weeks now and i have not been over the door). got doc next monday but before then.. my son is 21 and having a get together at a pub for his friends and our family and wants me and his dad to come along.. i am dreading it to be honest,,, i just dont want to go and mix with everyone, sayin hi... yea i am fine.. when really i want to go to bed and never wake up.... i have no appetite, only thing i eat in a whole day is a bit toast or maybe small cereal, along with about 3 cups of t.. my skin has all broke out like paper cuts and my eyes area is all dry and nippy..... i just want to curl up into a ball.... i have no friends who understands this, and to be honest most now have disappeared because i can no longer go clubbing, sorry i just needed to get this all out and hope someone can help me move on xxxx

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  • i know exactly how ur feeling over the last 4 years i had sevral periods of depresion i dont have any family issues my family are very supporting i know its hard but try to go to ur sons birthday take it easy for a few days beforhand and when people ask how ur feeling tell them the truth u dont have to stay ao the end but sometimes making the effort can make u feel better hope youfeel better soon


  • Hi sweetie i know what this can do to you ive been there so nothing you say is strange and i fully understand everything you feel . Firstly you must seek the doctor and dont hold back or be scared to tell him everything your feeling even if it sounds crazy as your saying it! anti deppressants will help so if your not on them already agree to them because after youve taken them and they get into your system yourl truely wonder who that person was before ( if that makes sense x) also talk its so important dont lock yourself away from friends contact them back there will be one who sticks by you honest x dont try to pressure yourself for others at the moment just concentrate on you getting better AND YOU WILL I PROMISE :) get the doc out sooner if you can but in the meantime yourl proberbly have tons of others that also understand here lots of hugs and love your way alexandra xx

  • Firstly you are not alone feeling like this and I think everyone on here has times when it just gets all too overwhelming.... Are you on any meds for fibro, the standard treatment is antidepressants even for those of us who don't feel depressed as they scramble our brains pain receptors and can help sleep... If you have tried some and they don't suit go to your GP and try some different ones I had to try 3 before I found ones that suited me and most nights now I get sleep which is half the battle with fibro, everything looks better after sleep... As to your sons 21st can you arrange to spend some of the day with him if you can't manage the evening see if you can compromise... I know how bad going out can make you feel and I always say no to non important things if I know it's going to make me worse the next day.... I dragged myself to parents evening recently that was a must do and paid for it the day after...

    Can you get an earlier Drs appointment if not spend this time writing down EXACTLY how you feel and hand it over to your GP so he knows how bad you feel, plus its there then in your records, once GPs know how bad you feel they have lots of resources they can get you in touch with, DON'T refuse any help you can reasonably get to ... I am just about to try CBT I have lots of medical help but I figured I would give this a try its near and I will get out and meet people, I only have one good rl friend who accepts me for how I am now and puts up with me cancelling things.

    If you want to talk further please just send me a private message I am often around here unfortunately for some of the other members., and I am sure an admin or volunteer will pop up shortly with tons of advice.

    Hugs VG x

  • Hello Diane my dear. I am so sorry to hear you are feeling so low at the moment, please know that we do understand how you feel. I am sure many of us have felt low at some point or another, there are so many things to get us down with having Fibro, coping with work, families and children etc.

    I personally feel that you should go to the Doctors sooner than your appointment. You need help now and perhaps a review of the meds that you're currently taking. They might not be helping you as well as they should be, you might need more effective pain relief or help with your other symptoms.

    Please phone the Doctors and tell them it's urgent, that you can't wait until your appointment, you need to see someone today or tomorrow at the latest.

    There is help and support out there for us but sometimes we have to push ourselves a bit for it.

    We are always here for you at any time, please feel free to private message Admin if you feel like a chat or want to discuss something in absolute confidence. We are happy to try to help or at least try to point you in the right direction.

    Take care my dear and please let us know how you get on at the Doctors.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Hy there diane,

    I know exactely how you feel, i have extreme personel problems on top of all my ilnesses and have been down so low for the last weeks. It was my nepheu`s 9th birthday Sunday and I had to go it was such an effort I thought that I would never make it, I even tried a last minute call to cancel my presence but my sister wouldn`t have it. In the end it wasn`t to bad and i left after a couple of hours and everybody was happy. I saw my GP yesterday and he has given me something for my depression. It is great that we can share are feelings and experiences here and I do hpe that you tal to your GP about this nd get some help.

    Fibro hugs


  • Hello Diane, just thought I'd pop by and lend my support( but I'm not sure how long I can stand up either!). It's a lonely place where you are at present. I've suffered depression throughhout my life, way before fibro decided to join it. The most important thing for you to do, is to seek the help of your doctor now, straight away. You are at present classed as an emergency. It may feel humiliating but you must tell your doctor the depth of your anguish and the effect it's having on your wellbeing and the impact on your family life. I've accepted the fact that my body doesn't produce the amount of seratonin that's needed for a healthy mental state, so I take my anti-depressants religiously and thankfully. Sometimes the dosage is changed depending on my body's needs. Fibromyalgia is difficult enough without adding to it. You haven't failed in any way by asking for help. And don't forget it's still ok to curl up and shut the world out, your body needs time away from stresses and demands. Mental and emotional pressure is incredibly debilitating. Just seek the help you need and deserve, you haven't asked to be so unwell. I hope you start to feel stronger soon, I really do. Please stay in touch, I will be thinking of you. Lots of healing thoughts, S x

  • Hello Diane

    As you can see we are all here for you and all your friends. It is hard when we reach rock bottom, most of us have been there. You must stay strong now and fight your way back up.

    As the others have said, get an appointment at the doctors sooner, in fact I would say tomorrow. They are the best ones to help and as VG said make a list, I do. If not I walk in the door and forget everything.

    I am very concerned about your lack of eating. I know you don't feel like it, but you must try and eat a little something. Your body obviously isn't coping well with the lack of nutrients if your skin isn't good. Even if you don't feel like much please get some vitamins or a tonic, if you feel better health wise you will cope better all round, honest.

    Ring the doctors in the morning and get that appointment. I am sure your son will understand if your are unwell and can't make the pub but you may just find 1/2 at the pub with familiar faces might be a tonic in its self.

    Stay in touch.

    Hugs Karen xxxx

  • hi diane ,i to suffer with deep depreesion for a long time ,only last week doc transferd me to a mental health team ,,got my first meeting at end of the month .in the mean time got alot of support at docs .you can ring samritons ,or turning point to ,

    please try and drink a little and eat if im not feeling well i try to get porrage dowm me even if a little , .

    please see doc asap or come out to see you ,

    gentle hugs and take care xx

    tink xx

  • Oh, Diane, poor you!! Like everyone else here I can empathise with how you're feeling. I had a really bad day last Monday, very teary and in a lot of pain. I sometimes get this sense of impending doom and I feel I'm going potty!! We all have crap times hunny, but it's so nice to be able to air our feelings here....someone will always cheer you up. I know it does me!! I don't know what I'd do without the guys here, they can always make me chuckle!! Take care chuck!! XXXX

  • Sending you a hug Diane, I hope you feel a bit better today, we are all here for you and we all care about you my dear.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • hi,love just to say i know how you feel i was like this before Christmas i felt absolutely dreadful crying all the time i had a breakdown i didnt want to be here anymore but with the help of my sons doctor i feel great now kicked the ex out told my doc an sons everything i held inside for years he gave me antidepressants it took about 3 week for them to kick in i was feeling worse at 1st an now i didnt know how bad i was feeling to how i feel now so tell your doctor everything how your really feeling anything ? if you cant cope with things dont hold back an if there is anything you can change in your life then do it maybe a little hobby or something thats what i did the little things like that make you feel better about yourself it works love really?this fibro is horrid as we all know i hope we all helps you though this i would have been very lost if i didnt have this place to come to an poor it all out we are all here for you anytime hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Reading this is like looking in the mirror right now , ive read other blogs today looking for inspiration but realised u cant always b smiling an ye im ok jack . I found out my friend of meany years that ive helped through divorces , Depression an so many down day's has not exactly bin being a good friend to me :( its amazing when your life an sole of the party how many people whant to know u an when u mention illness or depression people run like u have the plage . Well i made a decision my energy is mine for me an my loved ones . I mis having some one to tex an whats app just to share stuf good an bad . But then friendship is a two way street . We all have ups an downs at different times an if not to share them at the same time would b nice . I think to cope through everything ive ever bean through one through one thing stand out . Alow yourself to have your bad days say sod the world for a moment lick your wounds just say No . U have to come first on your bad time cus when your up u can share the love xx hope u feel beter soon sorry about spelling in Dyslexic an the brain fuz doesent hellp xx

  • thank u.... i would give u my number to text if u want to be text friends xxx

  • That would b lovely thanks , not shor how u do it privet on hear though ?? Xxx

    Hope your having a beter day today an your sons party goes well an u get to enjoy it evan just for a bit xxxx Rachel xxx

  • O & i just wonted to ad never be sorry for feeling the way u du Depression is an entity on its own it takes over some times , do go to your GP asap x

  • hi everyone... can i just say huge.... thank you to u all for ur caring words and for taken time out ur day to write to me..... well the doc receptionist called to say she had to cancel my appointment and i now have one for next week...only yesterday did i start to feel a little bit better,, not over it by all means but the constant churning in my stomach is not as bad... did not sleep at all last night so hope i sleep tonight so i can make it to my sons night out, even for a couple of hours... i am on lots of meds... anti depressants, fentanyl patches, oral morphine, lansoprosol.. diazapam for nerve pain, ritorol( spelling wrong) for restless leg syndrome...diclofenic and the moment i just feel i dont belong anywhere in life,,, im sure things will pass as i do suffer depression, had a really bad patch about 4 years ago when i was admitted into hospital and do feel as i did then, but hated that time in life so i put so much pressure on myself to not get to so low as i did then.... haha as if i can just decide eh.. anyway... as i said.. thank u all so so so much, and ur truly lovely people xxxx

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