Spiders Eeeeek

Last night sitting watching TV I saw from the corner of my eye a movement ..........................

then shreeeeeked !! it was a huge garden spider. Now I was on my relaxer part of my sofa, but I am at the moment not strong enough to pull myself up. I yelled for my husband to get a glass to catch said spider.......after what seemed like forever........... he arrived and the spider was sat on my Teddy on the floor,he put the glass over and my little yorkie thought Oh this looks fun and between them they let it escape !!!

Well I was petrified and screamed get it Oh get it !!! It then went indide my box by my chair then to my horror ran up the curtain about 3 inches from me.....I could not get off the chair and ended up crying hysterically.....my muscles went into a spazm from my face neck and back....my husband was torn between helping me and getting said spider.....I just freaked out.and thought just get the Spider !!!...Never had a reaction like this before I was still shaking half hr after he had put it out,could not stop my teeth from chattering either.

It took me over an hour to calm down and today as you all proberbly know once again I can hardly move !! I love all creatures but Spiders def: give me the creeps x

Hope this has not frightened anyone but just needed to share ,if only to get it out of my head !!!!

Gentle Hugs to you all


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  • A few weeks ago whilst i was in bed i felt as though something was crawling over my body, but as i have psoriasis i just thought was the cause for itching. Well next night just by chance i found this huge spider in my bed, i tell you these little buggers really can move.

    I don't agree with killing spiders, so i managed to catch it and put it out the window, guess what the blooming thing came back (i hope it was the same one and not one of a pair) so i killed it and now i keep looking for baby ones to come.

    Bonnie Lass

  • You should write books that was brilliant !!!!!

    But sorry to hear of your pains tho

    Nicki xxxxxx

  • You should write books that was brilliant !!!!!

    But sorry to hear of your pains tho

    Nicki xxxxxx

  • Brings back nightmares of the film Arachnophobia, terrifying! It's moths that terrify me too, they seem to fly straight at me! Makes me shake just thinking about it! I am instinctively moving my feet off the floor thinking about creepy crawlies, brrrrrrrrrr! ;)

  • Oh yes and them too !! And Bats thats another story will write about tomorrow lol :-)

  • Bats in the dark! ooooeeee! More scarey stuff! lol! ;)

  • i dont like spiders i can remember i saw one in the pasage way it was the biggest spider i have ever seen, i also called for my husband to get a glass to cover it with but as he put the glass over the spider he knocked the top of his back and it just looked like he had burst it it had babies in it tummy and i can tell you it must have had millions of babie all over the pasage they were that fast my husband had to get the hoover out and hover them up to make sure we got them all :-( i hate it when i see a spiders now xx

  • I don't like spiders but when you see the little ones in the web just been born ...it reminds me of Charlote's Web they are soo cute !! I couldn't kill them no mater how big !

  • Dont want to upset anyone here but the huge spiders you see indoors are actually house spiders.

    They only live indoors and come back indoors as quickly as you can put them out, they wait by doors and windows and sneak in at any opportunity, the only way to get rid of them is to kill them or drive them miles away from your home.

    I learned recently they can and do bite !! sorry if i worried you but its best to know.

    I often see them late at night scooting along the lounge floor, they come out at night to feed etc...... they really give me the creeps

  • I'm an arachnophobe, I can always remember my mother having to slap my face cos I was in hysterics as one was happily crawling up my nighty. Since living on my own I have had to toughen up but they get hoovered I'm afraid. I've even got the plug in things to try and keep them away but they don't seem to work very well. Hopefully word will eventually get round the local spider community to stay away from me lol xx

  • We have a big house spider and a couple of the skinny ones at home. The big one is called Fred, and I only encountered the skinny one yesterday, so I haven't named it yet! I don't mind them at all, the only things I don't like in the house are wasps.

    I know fear of spiders is a worldwide phenomenon, but when you see the big beggars in Oz and the South American Bird-eaters, it makes our ones look a bit silly. We are thousands of times bigger than any British spider.

    How's this for a phobia? A friend of mine is terrified of BUTTERFLIES!

    Cheers, Midori

  • You've got me all scrunched on my bed.

    Had a huge one on my lap when I woke up after an afternoon nap last year. I still cannot get over it.

    I did a pest control course many years back when I worked at National Archives. Only thought about it last year after the incident. House spiders mainly travel around the edge of rooms. A good idea is to place strong double sided tape or tacky glue onto a piece of card along by the skirting board to trap them. We had one caught within the first 12 hours.

    Still could not pick up the card though.

    Hope you are starting to relax a little now xx

  • I know this is an old blog but I only noticed it when I was clearing out messages spiders never usedto bother me till I woke up one noght when I was 9 with one crawling on my face my mum hated them from being a child as well.

    Also 2 of my daughters hate them aswell, I was only talking about them to my youngest daughter 3 day's ago she put a message on her BlackBerry messenger“ why is it that spiders always seem to come our when boyfriend's name is not here ” I sent her one back saying“ they always seem to know when your dads out as well”.

    I was sat on the loo the other night just happened to look up and there was one sat on the wall opposite me so when I'd done I squished it I when back in my bed room climbed in bed and ther was one on the wall just below the ceiling so that had to go definitely. Sithy