Ahh the big hairy spiders seem to be growing lol

Well this morning i was sat on the sofa with my son and i could swear there was a big hairy spider the middle of my floor out the corner of my eye, Told the other half he thinks i have finally lost the plot and finds it amusing. Im not scared of spiders but my heart was beating to fast. Its not the first time this has happened i think people are in my house i talk to people but there not there at least once a day. Im not mad think its a side affect. Night times the worse tho i hide under the covers when im reading lol any1 else see strange things? xx

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  • When I was severely sleep deprived I saw black cats following me out of the corner of my eye constantly... Haven't seen them since I got the right combination of night meds...are you suffering from lack of sleep????

    VG x

  • Nope getting loads of sleep ill see how i go for few more days x

  • lol we are all creeply weird it seems

    well to avoid the 8 legged things put conkers in each corner of every room it works!!!!!

    i thought my mother in law was gagaaa when she 1st told me but now i am proud to pass it on.

    i see things and black floaty things and things at corner of my eye and i look a nutter but i just pass it by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    VG pmsl xxxx

  • Not nice fairy now my beautiful baby dragons in the kitchen dont seem real anymore pmsl serious tho get your med reviewed and get some skeeo when ever where ever. hugs petal

  • I like dragons lmao Im currently trying to get new doc myns useless x

  • That must be the same spider that crawls on my leg constantly!! When I first felt it I was certain there was something crawling over me, but from other posts on here I now realise it's part of the fibro. Trouble is, if there was ever a real spider on me I don't know what I'd do!! I'm not scared of them, but I'd prefer it if they left me alone!!! XXXXXXX

  • Sorry but I have a real spider phobia since one fell down the front of my school uniform into my bra when I was 12.... I was too scared to tell the maths teacher ... Male .... Waited till it reappeared and squashed it in my bra then had to sit through maths with a squished spider in my bra... My friends after lesson thought it hilarious but I have been petrified of them ever since

    VG x

  • Just the word spider can get me into a panic hTebthem to frightened even to squash them to that's too close for me petal

  • Look up eye floaters on google. A lot of people have them and they always appear worse when you are tired. I get my "flies" which catch me off guard from time to time, and because they are relatively new eye floaters I haven't got used to them yet and swat out at them like some mad thing!! :-). If these have appeared suddenly and look like shadows it can be a sign that all is not well in the eye and see an optician (not the GP as they don't know enough) asap as it could be a problem with the retina and if left unchecked can lead to severe damage. I had similar and ended up having treatment just in time.


  • The spider comment makes me think even more that it could be a floater.

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