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VG asked for this so here you are Why we have spiders at Christmas

ONCE UPON A TIME a long time ago, that is how all he very best fairy stories and indeed any tale should begin. So a gentle Mother was busily cleaning her house in preparation for Christmas. Every where was polished all the nook and cranies were cleaned of spiders till the house positively glowed with love and care. The spiders scurried around getting out of the way of the bizzy lady, they finally fled to the farthest corners of the attic.

T'was Christmas Eve at last! The tree was decorated and waiting for the cildren to see it But the poor spiders were frantic for they could not see the tree nor the visit from the Christ child when he came to bless the house. The oldest and wisest spider suggested they should go and peak in - they did and saw the tree and and they would hide in it and not miss out on the visit.

So they his in the tree but every where they went they left trails of web all over the tree. When the Christ child came to bless the house he was dismayed. He loved the little spiders but he knew how upset the Mother would be. So he reached out and touched the webs and they became sparkling shimmering silver and gold!

Ever since we have trimmed our trees with tinsel and it is custom to include a spider amongst the decorations on the tree.

Adapted by gins

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nice story on this snowy frosty morning.


love the story....very Christmassy ohhh I feel all festive now.... But Where am I going to find a spider in this weather.....I found a dead wasp on the conservatory floor yesterday will that count if I fish it out the bin . Aha i.ll draw one and cut it out and hang it on the tree... Covered in tin foil it will fit in with the silver and gold decs.... Yay a project for today thanks Gins



I've never heard of the spider at christmas thing .... perhaps because I spend most of my time stamping on the horrible things


Not having a tree so thankfully will not have a spider either.....big sigh of relief. I suffer enough phobia in the summer with the horrid little (enormous here) blighters that I have no desire to be worrying about them at Christmas. I'm being bah humbug, cos I cant afford a tree and even if I could I'm guessing the cat would think it was there just so she could.....'Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...your baubels are now history' She'd be knocking them on the floor and then the dog would be chewing them up. lol. I'm off out to the kids& grandkids for Christmas dinner and then can come home and crawl into my nice warm bed, with my ears ringing, and relish the peace and quite.


ahhhh what a lovely story...very festive xxx


I like this story, never heard it before and I have no spider in the tree but I am sure a house spider may move in there before long. They normally do and then drop on you whilst putting the tree away lol xxxxx


In church, many years ago, the old priest told us this:-

the holy family were fleeing from Herod and night fell.

it was getting very cold, they saw a cave and hid in there.

herod's soldiers were close but the family were asleep.

all the spiders worked together to cover the entrance with webs. the frost turned the web sparkly.

one soldier wanted to check the cave but his superior said "no, the web is intact, no-one has gone in," and they moved on.

when the family awoke they thanked the spiders.


how many were in the flight from herod?

5 were in the plane.

God told Joseph to take Mary and baby Jesus and flea!

plus pontius the pilot!




Please be careful folks - Religion is a serious subject for some of our members and those with devout faith could be offended by religious jokes.

Also we have to bear in mind our Guidelines -

5. Be mindful not to post offensive material. Religion and Politics should not be discussed here.

I am afraid this includes jokes too, as these could be deemed offensive to some - we all have to be careful and follow our Guidelines.

Any worries or concerns about this, please contact Admin. We are always happy to discuss anything and to help where we can.

Thank you all for your co-operation. :)

Best wishes.




ok, but this was in the multi-faith church advent news letter that gives times of all church services in my area over advent RC, CofE , and others.



Sandra we have our Guidelines to follow as I have mentioned above, we cannot discuss this any further I am afraid.

Thank you for your understanding. xxx


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