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It shows what some people are like went out with wife is felt down parked in disabled space put my bluebadge on wife got out gave me my crutches got out of car and the person said to me where is your wheel chair you look ok I said to him why do I need a wheelchair he replied back your disabled I felt really hurt what he said my wife said you are thick not all disabled need chairs and if you had what my husband has got you might think twice what you say to disabled people in said to him you make me sick looking at you it proves how some act to disabled get treated like trash

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It's unbelievable isn't it how some people behave, your post made me think of my old Mum, . big ears were in her family, thankfully they bypassed me lol and when she was younger they used to make fun of her till my Grandad told her if they tease you again just say,. " You can hide big ears, but you can't hide a BIG mouth". 👍

Flyby7 in reply to Mydexter

I totally agree

Thank you

You should have told him "You looked normal until you spoke" xxx

Flyby7 in reply to Lou1054

Good one

People like that just leave me speechless. Well not speechless but I would be barred from the forum if I put what I really thought about them. Good for your wife. X

What a super wife you have for defending you like that and how true she was.It's just ignorant idiots like that who make you feel worse.

She is great

It's surprising how many folk equate disability=wheelchair; its just ignorance. I ignore them.

It's none of their business anyway!


Well done your wife, I know the feeling I get people give me a funny look when I've used my blue badge, but without it I couldn't get out of the house.

Not all illnesses are visible.

Take care

Trace x

sorry you had this said to you. some people are just plain ignorant.

i get alot of banter at work, well THEY call it banter about me being well enough to work when its summer " o didn't think you would be in because the sun is out" , " you must stop using factor 50 as you need a tan" etc...........they simply don't understand what we live with everyday.

hugs xx

Flyby7 in reply to caninecrazy

People like that aren't worth it

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