The saga just goes on and on!!!! :-(

Well not much better in fact think I am worse. Dr said I needed an urgent referal for a small op and sent me the phone no's on choose and book..." OH yes we have 4 choices" "Well can you tell me the earylist! " "yes dear 24th of jan " What!!?? I burst out crying as I am in constant pain and loosing blood from nearly all my orefesis (not sure how to spell that ) I have a moments notice that I need the loo then excrusiating pain,all the way up on my chair lift and a further screaming for 10/15 mins followed by an hour or two in bed,then it all starts again. My Fibro is rife and my walking is non and void!!

Went to the Dr today and he said it is worse (bleeding Wise ) because I have low platelets. If I cry I end up with a nose bleed and my eyes keep getting bloodshot...........Sorry I am not a happy bunny........but just thought I would bring you all up to date :-(

Thankyou all so much for your hugs love and support,I am sure I would not have got through this on my own....Hope next blog will be a bit happier :-(

Love and Light and Gentle hugs to you all x x <3 :-)

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  • aww hun, that sounds awful. I hope you get the treatment you need as fast as possible. Sending you lots of love and hugs xxx

  • I hope they find you an earlier appointment, maybe even a cancellation. I feel for you. People should NOT be left to suffer like this. Love and Light and gentle hugs x

  • oh my dearest rainbowdancer,

    i really do feel for you,i hope that something can be done for you as soon as pooible,you must be in agony,how can they leave you to suffer like this,im sending you loads of soft hugs although i know thats not going to help much,please keep us informed on how you get on.

    lots of love

    julie xx

  • Oh, poor you, that sounds so painful. ((Hugs))

    Hope you get an op sooner than that.



  • I am so sorry to hear this Rainbow, is there any chance you could perhaps ask your GP to stress the urgency to the hospital to bring the date forward, bearing in mind your bleeding etc. It sounds harsh having to wait that long when you are distressed and in so much pain. Might be worth a try.

    Wishing you all the best. (((hug))) xxx


  • Thanks Lib my Dr has sent to tell them this is very urgent and they said we know she is getting a quick appointment to be honest. The hospital nearer us is Feb and March!! I have told them I will take a cancelation if one occurs. The thing is the TV adds all say " If there is blood in your poo tell the Dr " Not at all sure where mine is actually coming from....The pain is so bad I cannot say where in my nether regions hurts the most. :-( watery smile ;-)

    Thanks for your help

  • Fingers' crossed a cancellation comes up for you Rainbow!

    Bless you!

    Always happy to help! (((hug))) xxx


  • Hey rainbow, just wanted to send u lots of love and luck for less painful and stressful Christmas and new year x x

  • Hi Rainbowdancer so sorry to hear you are having so many problems, just a thought are you taking iron to help you cope with the blood loss ? It makes you wonder what urgent means too. i agree with eranox about saying you will take a cancellation if this is workable for you. sending you warm hugs x

  • Thanks everyone it is sheer agony and so hard on my OH he goes into hospital on monday and will be out of action for 2 weeks to a month....and the social services and carers ass; said they would find people to come in and help us as we both be out of action,but no one has called as yet!

    Love and light to you all and thankyou for being there for me Gentle (((((((Hugs)))))))x :-) <3

  • oh my poor rainbowdancer life sounds hellish to say the least. So you have to wait till 24 well I hope they revise that you certainly need some help and soon.

    I send you a very gentle comforting hug ((((((((((()))))))))))) bless you xgins

  • The other thing you could try is when you're bleeding like that just turn up in a&e. It may help you get rushed through. My GP told me that once as the waiting times were daft.

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