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I WONT DO THAT AGAIN ???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night for some bizarre reason i slept on my tummy well i got qbout 2 hours broken sleep on my tummy where as i normally sleep on my back

well i woke up this morning and thought i was stuck lol i could hardly move i had to really gradually get up and try to get myself up i felt as though an elephant had slept on my back it took me a good 30 mins to get myself straightened up i dont know why this happened but it was awful i wont be doing that again anddont know why i diod

i always used to sleep on my tummy lol

oh well now i have been restored to my normal self i am going to walk my doggy up the road

love to you all diddle xxxxxx

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Morning Diddle what bad luck must have felt really horrid. I always sleep on my back and I move very little only to throw legs out from covers when they get way to hot. Have a good walk xx gins


I have had the same result it feels like your back is broken! I now sleep with a pillow either under my legs or between if I turn to my side, might be worth a try!

happy birthday for yesterday I am glad you had a lovely day!


Hi Diddle When I read your post it reminded me of when I used to sleep on my tummy I did it for years then after getting fibro I found having put my hands and arms under the pillows I woke up in absolute agony I tried to keep doing it as my sleep position its self was comfortable but after a couple of weeks I had to give in and now lay on my back too ,,,, most times I awake still on my back but if I roll on my side omg I wake with aweful pains on where I have laid ,,,,,,, so yes its a big no no now of sleeping on my tummy ,,,, well take care

Warm hugs and Smiles Bri xx


I'm very restless when I sleep and if I roll onto my tummy I wake up in the middle of the night in AGONY! You feel like you can't move but know that you have to move into another position before you stand any chance of getting any more sleep. Horrible!

Hope you have no after effects today xx


That happens to me, too, Diddle!

Cheers, Midori


Same here I can only sleep on my left side or my back if I sleep on my tummy I wakeup in agony if I sleep on my right side I wakeup in agony, problem is I've started waking up in pain when I've slept on my left side to long and with me having arthritis in my neck sleeping on my back for to long hurts aswell I can't win.

What's next sleeping sat up I have a memory foam pillow and an adjustable bed with a memory foam topped mattress, but the pain persists sometimes all I want to do is cry but after a while that gives me a headache like I say I can't win, ah such is life . Sithy


I too can't lay on my front. Its agony in my back and ribs. But then any position hurts that's why my bed is in such dis-array in the morning and im so tired! I thought the daytime excercise would benefit but to tell you the truth, it makes no difference.


Hi all. Haven't been on in a while. Diddle, I've been seeing a chiropractor since July who has worked absolute wonders on me. I was talking to her about my sleeping position and she said never to sleep on your tummy. Only people with a perfect healthy spine can sleep comfortably on their back. The best position for your spine is on your side with your legs bent, preferably with a pillow in between your legs. I tell you what, its so much more comfortable for me that way. I lose the pillow at some point during the night but as long as I bunch my pillow up into my neck so it is supported, I get a much better night sleep. Hope this is of help to some people.

Gentle hugs JT x


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