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I got up this moring at 4 am but had already been up at 3,15 am and it took me ages to get out of bed a my lower back feels seized up and also my bottom is in agony i dont know why i have all puffy spongy cushions and stuff i am getting worse as the days go on everyday something else is aching and in pain, my knees are hurting well allover really but i wont go on as i know you are all the same so know how i am feeling

got no plans for today i may go and see my daughter and grandsons but only if they are going to be home as my son in law sometimes takes sunday off and they do something for the day so i wont impose i like them to dothings with the boys as a family as they dont get alot of time toigether so if they are busy i am staying at home

my daughter will be home later to day with all her washing form her weekend at santa pod she took enough stuff for a month lol so i will wash all that and get that alldried wellthe washing machine willand the tumble dryer i will just put them in and get them out lol

oh well i hope that you have a lovely day lots of love diddle xxxxxxx

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Poor you, I am the same, I have elasticated tubular bandages on my arms and legs in bed because of the pain. very sexy, my husband calls me the mummy!

I hope you improve as the day goes on, and that you have a lovely one!

take care Cazx


lol not tried that love diddle xx


Diddle,are you my twin ?? Whenever something specific is hurting you the same is happening to me.Trying to walk yesterday (at work) was awful,the knees were screaming and my lower back and hips were agony and as for sleep,well thats another matter,was it you I staggered past on the way to the bathroom at 4am ?


lol how weird and yes it was you i passed haha hope we feel better tomorrow love diddle xxxx


Diddle, I am so so sorry you are havins such a rough time, I do understand about the pain the in bottom, sometimes i feel like somewone has been playing fopotball with it, but I do wish it wasn't hapenning for you. Am sending healing thoughts your way !

I have had a good time today (for a change) went to church (all of about 200 mteres from door to door, managed to cope with the pews (shuffle shuffle ouch) came home and have had such fun online searching out an olympic dressage test I weanted to see and then Jess Ennis running the 800 meters......... she ran it in 2.08..... years and years ago (pre fibro) I was Surrey Junior Champ and ran that same distance in 2.11.........that having been said those whose sport is the 800 will be doing it in something like 1;.56 ish , so I wasn't that good really.

I am off on Tueday for a cortisone injection in my right hip - apparently it's bursitis - hey ho, we'll see what happens.....had many of those in my shoulder before it was decided it actually needed replacing, which has been a success (phew).

Take gentle care of yourself , muchly dottii xx


thankyou i am sure it will get bit beter soon cnt get much worse can it love diddle xxxx


Hang on in there Diddle, tomorrow's another day! Hope you feel better then and more comfortable. Take it easy tomorrow and try to get some sleep tonight. :)


lol ladies , i too had a healthey lifestyle , nothing to yomping across mountains with a huge bergan on my back , taking cadets on expeds now i can just about get up the hill by my house at least i an still go in the powerboats my rowing days over..... be a sad day when i cant do that anymore , but luckily i have cadets who help get me out the boat onto pontoon cos i have seized up sitting in the boat instructing them lol


hi all i too have a screaming back legs and feet as i type this and i used to kick box before mr fibro appeared gentle hugs to you all xxx


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