Hi any one tried bio freezer for pain relief

I just found it and use it as well as my normal painkillers ect , it comes in spray , roll on or gel is got all three on offer from groupon but you can get it on amazon .

It's really soothing, anything is worth a try , the spray is good if you don't have anyone to put cream on for you or hard to reach places lol

I rub the gel on my knees before I go to bed and the spray for my back and feet as I can't reach them lol my tummy gets in the way .

Wishing everyone at least some sleep tonight , I probably won't since I have been sleeping since Friday , that will be me for the week .

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  • I've never been able to sleep that much lol sometimes I wish I could sleep at drop o a hat 😴😴😴😴xxx

  • Yes I use them and find them much more soothing than the heat rubs. When I get this horrible burning sore feet that makes rest impossible I gently smooth some on,bliss.x

  • Its teally soothing isn't it i just wondering if anyone else had tried it.

    We all have different things that help you but not all wzys someone else but it worth sharing if you do find something .

    Hope you all get some pain free sleep or any sleep .

  • Any sleep would do but like others the sleep genies rarely comes my way, same with Father Xmas I must have been a naughty girl, lol. I know BlueMermaid3 is a fan of the cooling gels. Night night taking the weary body to bed.x

  • I use tigerbalm too on my joints as I too prefer cold to heat. Which is mad as I suffer from bad circulation and my hands and feet are always cold lol. Even in the summer I prefer to be too cold to too hot. I wish I was like most men that can sleep at the drop of a hat no matter where they are or how loud the music. My dad used to fall asleep on the underground, in the cinema with the volume in his ears or anywhere as no noise phased him lol. I wish

  • Hi my friend

    I have not personally tired these myself but I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with them.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks ken

    Sweet dreams if you get a sleep i hope you do take care

    Night night x

  • x :)

  • I started using this for pain from Ankylosing Spondylitis years ago and I'm a huge fan. I have all three types in my bathroom cabinet and although you can buy the gel in Boots I normally get the roll on and spray from Amazon. however I don't think the spray is very good if you have breathing problems as it tends to get on your chest

  • I use biofreeze spray, I get my husband to put it in my back. Short term relief.

  • Thanks for that, Loraine. I shall certainly try it. x

  • Try groupon as i got all 3 for about 20.00 and im sure its a lot more expensive from amazon

    It better getting a bargain even if it doesn't work its not cost as much also you don'thave to buy all 3 i just did to see which one was easier to put on.

    I hope it helps

  • Hi there

    I have been using Deep Freeze sprays, gels & patches for a long time.

    You can buy them from Boots and if you buy when they are on 3 for 2 even better.

    They are all under £5 and you get a large tube of gel and 5 patches which last a good 5 hours.

    I personally highly recommend them.

    Lu xx

  • Thats good to know , I really like the gel on my knees and thats a really good price

    Hope you have a pain free sleep x

  • Many thanks for your kind wishes.

    It's been a long time since I've had either unfortunately but I never give up hope xx

  • What exactly do they do ? Do you think they would work on forehead for migraines. Am plagued at mo and looking for any solutions.

  • Hi shazzy, I don't think that they would work on migraines but there is a thing called 4head thats quite good for migraines you just roll it straight on to your forhead you get it in most chemists , the bio freeze is more for joint and mussel pain,

    Good luck wishing you a pain free day.

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