What is going on???????/

I am turning into you diddle lol

Honestly, i am one for needing loads of sleep. My kids wake me up not the other way round. I have been awake since 5 30, but earlier i kept waking up. So i have got up at 6 30. I dont know what is going on. I took 100mg of amitripyln at 9 last night so why is it not in my system still?

Its going to be a long day.

hope everyone else slept well.

hugs, kel xxxx

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  • oh dearbekindto u today.... sometimesnothing helps at all and its a bad day.sending you soft fluttery butterfly hugs.petal

  • Thankyou petal,

    I am just bothered that i am ok now but usually by time 5 comes i crash and burn and i am useless after tea but because i have got up 3 hours earlier will it be mid afternoon lol. I hope not i already go to bed early lol.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • hi kel

    boy do i know that feeling lol my space baris playing up and i had trouble reading back at the mo so please take your time to deciper my long words lol hay a good day petal

  • Haha, i read it fine.

    I get my letters mixed up all the time, itry to sort them but sometimes i cant be bothered lol.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Hey Kel, Gentle hugs.

    I went to bed at 1a.m., went to sleep right away and did not wake until 8! Alas, I awoke not feeling at all refreshed - and could have promptly fallen back to sleep - and happily so. My usual pattern is going to sleep around 3:30a.m. and being wide awake by 5 - waking intermittently in between - and end up nodding off on and off all day at the drop of JD and lemonade - erm noooooo - Just kidding I mean a HAT! :-P

    Rest well today Kel.


    Carol xx

  • I am one of the lucky ones i think, i get plenty of sleep but if i dont i canty function at all. it still seems that 12am til 5 30 is quite good then ehh???? lol. I had vodka and amitripyln to help me sleep last week and i was a wake constant through the night with pain. So drink doesnt do it for me when i am bad lol.

    I have felt more energy today but who knows how long it will last i will let you know later. Or you will be able to tell if i am not back on lol.

    I hope you get some well deserved sleep and feel the better for it soon carol. hugs, kel xxxx

  • After 30+ years of being an insomniac - true restful sleep will be blissfully welcomed!

    Gentle hugs and love,

    Carol xx

  • Im always awake early doors no matter what meds i take :( Never very good in the morning either. I can go to bed around 11, be up at two to go to the loo and then up again at 5 in agony, so have to take my pills drink water because of the nausea, i have and thats me awake, untill mid morning and i nap for a bit, i do that on and off all day, then bed time and the cycle starts again :/ Have tried staying awake all day keeping myself occupied but nope still the same, You would have thought with what i take it would help me sleep but no such luck, i take zormorph 100mg twice a day, diazapam 5mg twice a day and pregablin 75mg twice a day, phenaghan for the nausea, all have sleep side effects but no not for me. a restful nights sleep for me would be lke winning the lottery...lol

    Take Care xx

  • Hi bless you o know it is awful your body just wakes up thats if you can call it wake up after tossing and turning all night lol oh well i did gonback to normal for abouta week then went back again even when i was away i was up at 4 am creeping round hotel room drinking coffee reading my kindle lol love to you diddle xxx

  • morning diddle and willowmuse,

    I have managed to sleep with my kids waking me at 8 30, sorry i have had a good nights sleep. I hope you two can sort your sleep clock soon. hugs, kel xxx

  • AS usual my dear Jazher, my sleep pattern is all over the place. The pregabalin is helping a lot with the pain but still trying to work out the right dosage for me. I slept 16 hours on the trot on Thursday then managed about 5 hours counting the 3 I slept in the chair last night between 9 and 12 then I think the rest of the night probably addd up to 2. I do think I'm affected by the weather too and the moon in particular but other planets too (howeeeelllllll) so although it's not bad around here, I think I am affected by storms elsewhere !

    Hope you get a better sleep tonight sweety.

    Whippet x

  • Hi jahz k, lol, it is phases i say and if having a rough one no matter which bit of you is affected nothing wrks and just pace up and down! Xxxx hope you get sleep soon

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