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i dont know what to do!

i have had a good run of it i must admit lately just the odd twinges of pain which ive been able to cope with but boy today i slept till one oclock and that was only because my dogs were jumping on my head! but back to original i dont know what to do! ( rambling!) im exhausted again and feel pain again! ive been turned down again twice now for dla or pip whatever! i have suported myself money wise up untill now when my savings are at rock bottom i actually wrote to my mp and was telling him im privately renting and have a small private pension and have paid a year up front but wont be able to do that in feb next year so he contacted the council and by all accounts i have not a hope in hell of getting a council place! great! now i cn apply for help with rent fine! but to get a place that will let me have my beautfull chis ( teacup in size btw!) is a nightmare and i also pointed out i will live on the street with them rather than give them up why should i? so what do i do? i cant evidently get a pace private becuase i dont earn enough cant work with not only fibro but many other things wrong :( and dont know where to turn? please anyone give advice ? i also have got severe problem with taking information in recent that one ! great! lots of hugs to all :) xx

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Oh fairytails what a pickle you are in. Have I got t his right what is a tea cup sized btw? Why is having this affecting you so badly. Do let me know how you order to help I need to understand what issues you have. Let know xgins


hi gins sorry my brain is in a fuddle:( i have two teacup size which means there smaller than a cat! little chiuahaus ! i love them so much and even writing this the thought of having to be parted from them makes me cry! im having so much trouble finding a property that landlords will alow my buddies in! its ridiculous they have people by the short and curlies:( rent wise too! laughing all the way to the bank! i need to knwo what kind of benefits i could apply for too as its a minefield for me! i have really bad attention to info none of it stays in my head:9 im only 49 and i feel 100! lol! `the stress im under is stupid ! i have paid a year on this place but cant afford another year so im beggining to panic even now! xx


ok you have paid a year on that place that is from when to when?

Benefits now we can sort that out with you - are you receiving any at the moment has to be the first question?

That means do you get any money for help being disabled or for getting about?

We will start here ok so let me know xgins


bless u, I hate dealing with the system, sometimes it can leave you feeling miserable and hopeless, I know that many people on this site would know what to do, they have helped me many times. but im here for moral support. I send u much love and hope your situation resolves itself and you can de~stress, keep positive,

huggles, Tink, xxx


thanku for your kind words tink xx

gins my rent is payed up untill feb next year and i have about 12,000 left in savings i have a pension of 700 pm that i live on , i was getting my state pension payed up untill the atos doc did a medical and i had that taken away from me , other than that i dont get any benefits at all xxx


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