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My eyes wont stay closed

Its 3.45am dog tired, had my meds which as usual have made me drowsy but sleep is keeping its distance.

didn't get to see my mam in the home today as I was so unsteady on my feet thats playing on my mind. My fingers seem to have developed a stuttter, I keep having to backtrack to delete the extr letters.

lol and loads of gentle hugs,

Susan xxx

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Lol you should look at some of my old blogs i have written some and the spelling is awful as like you my fingers put a few extra eee's or whatever but i know you all know wht i mean and we all have those days and it gives everyone a laugh which cant tbe bad can it lol. it is horriblre wheni get what i call my jelly legs you feel like you are going to fall all the time and you look like you have been drinking i am sure people think that wheni wobble to the side and stand in a shop holding onto something but it could not be further from the truth i never drink 89 with all the meds it would prob kill me ) hope you get to see your mum this week i am sure she understood and know if you could have gone you would you take care love to you Diddle x


Morning all. :) Hope you got to sleep eventually Susan - hope everyone did. I hardly slept all weekend but of course slept well last night because it's Monday and I have to get up for work. I hate it when that happens :) :)

I didn't sleep all weekend as my son and granddaughter came for the weekend. She doesn't sleep much and she's like an elephant banging around at all hours!

Sue xx


Sounds familiar,bad sleep last night,hospital this morning for pain management then to work,lets hope that the 4 day headache will give me a break soon.

soft hugs from Bristol x


Hey susan,

im sorry you have had a bad time, i can't spell for toffee so i use fibro as an excuse for rubbish spelling lol, and im sure yer mam will understand,

im sending gentle hug and hope you sleep soon take care

mary x


I too have the wierd typing problem, and I've been typing for over 50 yrs! It's really odd when my finger types a different word to the one in my thought. Glad too see someone else does that. Just taking a break before the plumber comes. I have a dishmop on a stick to clean in all those corners he may want to get into and have been pushing myself to make sure is all spick and span. Just takung a breather to check in with you all. Gentle hugs x


Hi susan,

Hope you got some sleep. :)

I didnt lol, not with me this time, my daughter being sick bless her.

Do you get where your body needs a rest anytime through the day, your eyes wont shut. Mine wont shut and they flutter as i am trying my hardest but they just wont.

When i had an mri, my friend had one and she said just close your eyes then it wont scare you. Well i tried but eneded up with my eyes wide open through it as i find it immpossible.

I have amitriplyn to sleep at night as i know my eyes just wont shut without it.

Plus i have mistakes all the time in typing, your not alone there lol.

kel xxx


Thanks people, I knew you'd all understand and give me a giddy up cheer up. lol and hugs Susan xxxxxx


Hi Susan,

Have you tried a neurofeedback treatment?

I have been suffering from chronic fatigue for 11 years alongside with fibromyalgia for 6 years.That treatment puts your brain in balance and with a right programme you will be able to sleep better +lessen the intensity of pain.I woke up today feeling fresh,which didn't happen for years before,and was able to function 8 hours at work fully focused on tasks.It's worth trying that as it gives you lots of energy and optimism.

j xx


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