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Weekend of feeling fairly pain free

Oh when will I ever learn? Never I suppose. I woke up on Saturday and felt like my before FM self. o what did I do with this wonderful day you may ask. Well I went and did the usual shop for food followed by a little gardening and then took up the carpet in the bedroom. All good then until the evening sat down for my tea and then couldn't stand up and had to be helped to bed. Major pain all night and all day Sunday. Was it worth it? Oh Yes it so was, to have a day of near normality and although I have and am still paying the price it was a price worth paying. :-)

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Hi Hun, I agree when your having a good day you got to make most of it havent you, I guess it's a luxury of this condition that you do have good days, most disabilities they don't and would dream of a day of normalitie, so I say yes to it being worth, I haven't done my shopping yet, maybe wednesday

Love nicki xxx


Oh your so right Nicki, we are lucky to have the odd day which some others don't get x


Hi Devon Lady

Thats exactly what I do when I wake up feeling good & ready to take on the world. It dkes'nt happen that often but when it does I go at it. I feel its like that old saying 'live evefy day like its your last. You know in your head you will suffer for it but at least you can suffer knowing you've done things that have maybe been buggjng you & you've done them. So until you get that feeling again & have rested up to get over it just take every day by spacing thjngs out. Thats what I try to do.

Luv & Hugs



I understand that so well. I have few good days, and when I do, I always overdo stuff and pay the price afterwards.

Cheers, midori


It is so nice to know we all have the odd good day and make the most of it when we do :-)


hj its good to know im not alone, as i rarely get a good day and when i do i have to make the most of it , ithink pacing yourselfs is the better way of coping? but thats easier said than done. it is for me as i do get moments when i feel i could run about like a spring chicken lol! but my body doesnt always do what my brain wants to do?? take care all xx


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