what a fool i have been!!!!!!!!!

Hi Fibro friends,

as the title says i have gone and done the most stupid thing yesterday. i felt real good yesterday so i decided to do a little garderning and you can guess what happened. yes you are right i am paying the price to day, my husband is hopping mad with me, he said yesterday that he would do the little jobs in the garden but me being me said leave me alone i can cope which i did until i tried getting out of bed this morning, dont care i had the best night sleep i have had for ages.

so today i have not moved far just took pain killers and spent day relaxing the best i can, not much fun though.

wont try that agin.


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  • It's so frustrating isn't it? Hope you feel better after some rest. I've done some gardening today (well sweeping the sand mountain off the patio) but made sure I've sat down and rested every time the pain got too bad. I'm hoping that will mean I haven't overdone it that much *crosses fingers*

    Hope tomorrow is a better day

  • Hi Lucyhobbit, I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you have not overdone things!

    Ken x

  • Hi Janet,

    Ditto! I did almost exactly the same yesterday! As it was Fathers Day, I insisted on doing just a little ironing last night, not for hubby to have to do it on his day! Like your husband he tried to persuade me not to but me being me & so stubborn thought I could handle just single duvet cover & pillow cases!

    WRONG, like you when I woke @ 4am this morning I just could"nt move! Husband had to lift me out of bed as pain so bad & fetch me Oral Morphine! I"m just recovering from serious bout of Pneumonia, being in hospital for 12 days with it!

    So I like you won"t be tackling things I"m told not to do! We think we know better but boy do we pay the price later!

    I sincerely hope you are feeling better tomorrow after resting! I"ve had no choice in the matter & had to rest myself all day!

    Sending you positive healing energies

    (((Gentle hugs)))

    Lynn X

  • Hi bettybaby, I just wanted to wish you well and hope that you are feeling better.

    Ken x

  • Bless you Ken for your kindness & thoughtfulness in wishing me better, much appreciated! Perhaps it will teach me to listen a little more often, as I"m the one who pays the price with pain but also Phil is the one who has to pick up the pieces too! So doing no-body any favours really!

    Many thanks for thinking of me Ken

    Best wishes Lynn X

  • Grrrr, I thaI don't know what happened to my reply, but after I posted, it disappeared. Maybe that's a good thing as I tend to write too much anyway. I wanted to say ditto me in. I had heat exhaustion a few years ago from gardening in the heat. Hard to not do what you need to do, but I don't do some of those things anymore, or spread them out over days.

    One thing I have started is an MS Excel spreadsheet documenting my signs and symptoms. I include sleep patterns, physical pain, moods like good mood, irritability, anxiety, diet, etc. Thanks to your post, I will now add the chores I do and if they cause me undo pain. It really helps me and I recommend it to anyone new to fibro or even those who are a bit uncertain of what is going on to track daily effects.

    I recommend moist heat, ice packs, massage, accupuncture, and other holistic methods to help alleviate, even prevent some of our pain responses. But not without avoiding those things that hurt our bodies just because we fell better.

    My best wishes to you. This is a sucky, insidious condition, and all of us have to figure out what individually effects us. I love this forum.

  • Hi Clare, Thanks for your reply. Ditto to you too because that is the word "Insidious!" I always use to describe this horrendous Fibro!

    Thank you also for the advice, I have tried Acupuncture & lots of holistic treatments but unfortunately none of them have been successful for me I"m afraid! I am on Morphine, Oral Morphine, Pregablin, Amytriptylline, the list goes on & I still endure horrendous pain!

    I like your idea of spreadsheet, nice one! I know my triggers but unfortunately I also have chronic OCD which "fights" with the Fibro!

    Obviously the OCD won when did the Ironing, I say I"ll learn by my errors until I feel well enough (rarely) to do something I"m not suppose to & my poor hubby is left to pick up the pieces! Hence me having to spend the following day or days in bed!

    When will I ever learn!!

    Sending you positive healing energies Clare (I always type too much!).

    (((Gentle hugs)))

    Lynn X

  • hi there.i am also suffering today.made the most of sun and cut some of my grass-and a bit of pruning.today I raked up the grass cuttings.walked dogs this morning btu got bus part way home as couldnt cope with hills.been back to bed a few times to ease pain but couldn't sleep.too uncomfortable sides and back.if pelvic pain still as bad in am phone for advice -and tell them dr refused to arrange scans as requested or accept the pain I was in.

  • Hi anbuma, I am so sorry to read that you are struggling after doing the gardening, and I hope that you are feeling better.

    Ken x

  • thank you Ken.woke the same today took my dogs out and had to get the bus home then so much pain went back to bed and woke again at 11am.rightnow have tightness and pain in neck and persistent pelvic pain.

  • Hi dobie62

    I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and it is so easily done when we get engrossed in a job! I genuinely hope that you start to feel better soon.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • I've never been a good juggler you know the paceing thing. I am a landlady and sometimes business dictates that I can't walk away and have to carry on. ( i.e the world cup lol) Then it can take me three days to get over it. I'm learning really fast. My partner is also beginning to learn that when I say I can't do that. I really mean can't. It's taken a while. Get the heatpad out. Works wonders. Wishing you all the best.xx

  • Hi Janet,

    I'm as bad as you i truly believe i can still do everything when a good day comes along, my partner and son are always telling me to leave the garden,cooking washing up ironing but the truth is i still want to feel useful...

    Its really difficult to explain but i did'nt understand what fibro really does to me until last week when my better half took me to cornwall for a rest but i was totally unprepared for the car journey, and the walking and the whole body pain just because i want to prove that i can still be normal and try and hide the pain i'm in but i ended up in tears because i had to give in and let my partner see me with my walking stick, i've had this illness for nearly two years and its difficult to come to terms with a disability but we have to understand that we can still be us but we need to rest in between doing chores.

    I love the 12 spoons way of dealing with fibro only use the amount of spoons that can in one day, so today you might only have 3 spoons so you need to rest and only use a spoon to do something thats really important,and then rest again.

    I really hope that your painkillers kick in soon and you have a duvet day..Be kind to yourself and tomorrow if your lucky you could have 4 spoons to play with

    Gentle hugs to you. viv xxx

  • Awwwwwwwwwwww!

    It's difficult to stop what we're doing when we're on a roll isn't it?

    Pacing isn't an easy thing to master so don't be too hard on yourself dobie62 :)

    I still get it wrong after several years of trying to get it right :o

    I'm pleased that you have been relaxing and hope that it has helped you a little, how are you feeling today?

    I often apply a topical pain gel for times such as this to help increase mobility and decrease the painful areas a bit such as lower back, hips and knees. I also have an electric blanket on my bed which if on low through the night helps to ease the pain and stiffness too. I know that one isn't easy when you share a bed with a hubby that possibly gets too hot ( like mine who now has his own bed ha ha ha! :D ) so if that is the case maybe a single one for your side of the bed may help.

    Wishing you an easier day hopefully with less pain and am sending healing fluffies and smiles to you :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • hi there,

    i am feeling a lot better to day but the garden keeps looking at me lol, but it can go and take a running jump. have topped up on painmeds and they are doing the trick. hope you are feeling aswell as you can at the moment.

    gentle hugs


  • I am happy to read that you are feeling better today, leave the garden for another day!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Hi Janet :)

    I am pleased that you're feeling better today and the meds are working :)

    Hands up to gardening though! :D

    I have to grow stuff in pots so I suppose it's easier for me to gauge how much to do, we only have the yard out the back. My tiny seedlings are emerging and I love watching their progress as they grow, all edible stuff :D Its cheaper in the long run :)

    I'm ok, thanks, and looking forward to your next installment to let us know how the garden is growing :)

    fluffies and smiles :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • hi there,

    i have just had a walk around my garden checking it out as i was prepairing the ground for a new lawn. while out there i checked by flower pots to see if anything was happening and i noticed that my beautful lillies are about ready to open and my frisha is blooming and this hs made me proud. husband is going to finish the sowing the grass seeds bless as he does not have green fingers.

    i am sat now with a nice cup of coffee and a fresh cream apple turnover waiting for my meds to kick in so i can go to bed.

    kind regards


  • That's really fab :)

    They'll be beautiful and pretty when in full bloom

    It's good to proud :)

    xxx sian

  • I completely share your enthusiasm for an electric blanket in the bed: it really helps me relax as well, focusing on 'endulging' in the comforting warmth. I avoid going back to bed during the day, but find that it is sometimes the only thing that helps if I'm in too much (esp lower back and hoip pain): between the preheated sheets/duvet, with my roll cushions under my knees and ankles, after a 15 seconds spine lengthening stretch, with a cup of tea on the bedside table and a good read (on my kindle, which is nicely light to hold and easy to turn over the page - even when my hands are cramped with arthritis pain).

    And I have a smaller (waistband like) heatpad close to my sofa, ready to plug in and 'nurture' me if I need a bit of WTC (warmth and tender care)... ;-)

    Definitely a worthwile investment, both of them! (fyi: alsi/lidl regurarily do deals for heating pads/blankets and support cushions, so worth keeping an eye on)

    If even only 1 person gets some inspiration from the above, I'll be very happy ;-))))

    From Margate with love


  • Hi Akela :)

    They are fantastic aren't they I've been looking at the one designed for the back too and shall be investing in one when pennies allow :)

    You're right those places are good for getting such products and where I first saw them :)

    Sending healing fluffies and smiles

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • We all do it so don't beat yourself up too much. I've just recovered from hosting my grandsons birthday which I now realise that I should not do again. How horrible is this condition. It was over a week ago. But I enjoyed myself and so did everyone else. I always used to entertain and this was the first time in years that I had my family over. My son actually did the majority of the work!!!!

  • Hi dobie62,

    Hope you're feeling little easier tomorrow. I tend to do this, feel good and start doing things I can't normally do, then suffer. But you know what? I do feel a great satisfaction and worthy when I've done....know I will pay with immobility and pain. But at least I can feel normal human for a little while Kx

  • There's a trade off, isn't there? You feel great when doing something you want and feel great at a job well done. Then fibro - or something else makes you pay for it. Sometimes I don't mind the price. Do what you think best and power to you. :)

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