can you help check my longer questions info below?

I`ve been phone today and asked by a company called sanda wellness, to purchase and use a product called ROSEX ???They saying it will help heal my body cure pain etc and that it is natural so i would`nt have to put all tthe checimals in my body for pain relief etc.They offering it like half price???Has anyone heard of this could anyone tell me anything about this and its properties and is it worth trying .Because its Expenisve even at half price they`re saying 2 tabs a day and £14.95 for 30 so thats almost £30 a month at the discounted price please reply thanks

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  • I think this is a Rose Hip Extract supplement. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and there is some evidence that it may help as a supplemental treatment for inflammatory arthritis like Rheumatoid Arthritis. However, there is no good evidence I could find that it can help Fibro.

    I would be very careful with this. If you would like to try this, perhaps see if your local health food store stocks this instead of getting it from a dubious company that cold-calls.

    I would also be concerned how they got your phone number!

  • thanks for your reply

  • I second that, anything sold as a wonder drug, probably doesnt work, Ive spent goodness knows on pills to make me better, some even damaged my liver, if theyve phoned you, I to would want to know how theyd got your number. There are plenty of firms ready to jump on the band wagon when it comes to illness es you only have to google an illness and theres some miracle cure for it

  • they not saying it a wonder drug to me but they say try it along side my current meds and i`ll feel the difference and then could order more but try in to get me to purchase say 3months first i work that out to £90 or so thats a lot of money to me .just to try something.

  • ma granda was conned by a company with a similar name he has arthritus, the company phoned offerin him a miracle cure 4 brilliant prices which he is in so much pain an trusts every1, they asked him 4 his card details ova the phone which he gave then my mum noticed his bank statements showin a total of £800 over 3 payments comin out, the pills he bought came in a very small box which wasn't worth the money. mum went 2 cab an they managed 2 get abit of the money bk but unfortunately coz he gave his details willingly he couldn't get it all bk.he got a lecture from my family 2 not ever do that agin lol.

    i hope this helps x

  • thanks for this I am normally a trusting person but been through so much l8ly with my health and then my partner left because she missed her family she moved over to england so things really getting me down .I need to draw a line somewhere and say I`m taking back control of my life it just seems to be in the crapper at the mo.But I know there is people in far worse position than me.and keep trying to give myself a good kick and not let it beat me.

  • I`m sorry to hear this it just seems that there is untrustworthy people out there will to conn people who are ill or frail and trusting etc .

  • I askedthem how they got my number as its ex directory but i do enter some surverys online and free competitions and unless they got it from there i not sure how they got .They they follow direct governmet guildlines but i was sus about so thats why i thought i`d ask on here.I`ve also asked my sports physio who gives me sports massage with lavender and wheatgerm oil to check his medical dictionary info for me.I find the massages hlep with keeping me moving and am also now attending a chiropractor for to help with posture and other things to see if that helps. Also on the waiting list to go in for to have my gallbladder removed. but have still been working through all of this but had a msihap last week and broke my right big toe which has me laid up at mo and it driving me crazy.but i know i can`t rush back to work incase i do more harm.

  • u must b alot stronger than me i haven't been 2 work 4 a year an i haven't been through as much as u, i did do a bk to work programme which didn't work coz i went 2 do it 2 early 4 me now im panickin about tryin it again, u hav ma respect.

    if the company or any other 1s fones again ask them 4 a letter through the post an don't give bank details, if there genuine they will do it another way.

    i was fumin the company took advantage of my poorly granda x

  • thanks its not that i`m strong I`m very stubborn was brought up to keep trying. when i`m at my worst and fibro is in a full flare up i`m bed ridden. has happened a few times have had to take 2months or 3 month in 1 go and then return to work slowly.but it is very debilatating and i have had to give up doing some things i like etc. because it takes most of my energy to gt through each days shift and i neeed to rest to do the next day.

  • Hi GaryNI, just wondered if this is such a remarkable drug then why are't our gps , prescribing it for us, i would personally be very sceptical . x

  • if youve ever bought insurance on line, they share your info with others

  • Hi Gary, if i were you i wouldnt bother. Some of these sort of meds can effect your liver. Wouldnt it be nice to find a wonder pill, but i dont think theres any kind of pill. Good luck with your Gallbladder, i too have Gall stones. You take care. Hug & love to you. Helen xxx

  • yes my liver been affected its showing up on my bloodtests as not functioning fully .and they wondering is it caused by all the painkilling meds and anti depression meds etc that we end up taking!!!!My doctor been trying for months to work out what causing it.

  • thanks so much for all the replys by the way incase they contact you the companys name is sanda wellness in buckinham.

  • Their web addresss is here

    if you check out the Rosex page you'll see that it is ndeed Rose Hip Extract. I googled this and Healthspan sell 120 tablets for just £9.45. They also however say that they are the perfect complement to glaucosomine so this Sanda Wellness are certainly misinforming by saying this is a wonderdrug that will cure all!!

  • thanks for that it good to know as they sayin the tabs are expensive cost £1 each and was quote 50% discount at charge of £14.95 but looking me to buy 2-3months worth to give it a chance to help that would be 60 tabs a month 180 at £14.95 for 30. so your quote is cheaper. by far

  • had that company on the phone again today they are defo a hard sell push company . they told me that what you get from healthspan is not the same and is not pure like theres and would come from outside the uk.also that it would not have in the ingredients gopo which is essential that if tryed the health span 1 that i`d need to take it for a couple of yaers where they think with 3-5 months now then a break and doing this freom time to time although seeming dear would pay off in the long run. even offered to trhough in a couple of packets at there end to make it a bit cheaper fro me.

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