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Pain after activity/exercise...


I was tentatively diagnosed with fibro by my GP last week after years of unexplained aches, pains and difficulty sleeping. He's referred me to see a rheumatologist but it's a couple of months wait. I'm staying off any meds/pain relief until I've been seen.

My question relates to activity and exercise. Since all this began, all my sporting activities have ground to a halt. I used to do 5 mile walks, play badminton, football, tennis - you name it! 

I now pay the price for virtually any activity I do! Yesterday, my pain was at a low level after I'd loosened up my morning stiffness in a warm bath. So, because we are getting a new kitchen floor fitted this week, I decided to pull out the cooker (not heavy) and clean behind and under it. At the time I felt fine, but half an hour later - wham! - muscles aching, intense upper back pain and stiffness.

After any walk, I totally stiffen up.

My partner and I have been having ballroom lessons - I REALLY don't want to give this up - but after our last class, I could barely walk.

Is this normal for fibro? I need to stay physically active but the price I'm paying at the moment is too high 😞

All that helps the stiffness is a warm bath.

I've tried resting, but this doesn't help my stiffness and I can't 'rest' for the remainder of my life!!! (I'm 45)

As I mentioned, I'm new to the diagnosis but not the symptoms!!

Any comments would really help please 👍🏻

Thank you xx

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Hi Mrspinkrat....in my experience it is a matter of balance...and acceptance...

Many of us here were once very physically able, and did sports gym etc...I did, but now I have to accept that I cant to it...simply cant, because of the reprucussions, as you have experienced...however I am more able than I was a year ago...gentle build up to exercise and knowing my limit...and takng breaks...all the best and warm wishes...it is also not helpful to fight this thing...adds more pain....I feel your frustration and sometimes I too feel like weeping !!..but we each have to try to manage our own symptoms and abilities and capabilities..its hard, but each of us is unique with this thng nd how it affects us...go stready, hugs...x


Hi there 

I hate being the one to break bad news, but I can't lie. 

Yes, paying the price the next day for any activity is very normal for Fibro sufferers. I used to be extremely active, walk long distances, climbed part of Snowdonia etc.

Now, I soon pay the price if I do too much. 

Pacing yourself is the only thing I can think of suggesting to you. Perhaps on the day you go ballroom dancing are you able to really rest up before you go?

You may find taking some form of medication will help. There's no way whatsoever that I would be able to manage without my meds. 

You may find a Pain Management Course may be very helpful for you. Your GP can refer you for this. There may be a waiting list, so probably the sooner you can referred the better. 

Another thing is reading up on the Spoon Theory. If you Google it or put it in our search bar on the home screen that may help. 

I do hope you are able to find a way of coping. 

Wishing you less pain and more peace

Lu x



You are describing me!   I know its hard to accept - I have only just been diagnosed -  and did so much before now have to "pace" and trying to build up my strength its difficult  at first to get your head around it -  I have been living with this over 4 years -and this year I am accepting life has changed -  you need to be kind to yourself - good luck -   😊😊😊😊


Hi and welcome to our fabulous community!

Personally I couldn't function without my prescribed pain medication now.

However, I lived like you for many years without medication and was basically forced to see my GP, who literly asked me how I had coped. It was a struggle, let me tell you!

Go back to your GP and ask for advice until your Rhuemy applointment arrives, You can then look at your options togeather and take it from there!

I wish you well!

Soft hugs,

Elizabeth xx


Hi I myself don't know of anything "normal" when it comes to FM.I wish you the very best.Peck☺



It does sound like fibro.

Nhs has a web page on symptoms and so does this. There are too many symptoms for me to list and not everyone suffers from them all, though some do.

Just try to do little and rest.

I hope that when you do see a consultant it's not fibro. 

Take care and don't loose hope.

Best wishes.


I can totally commiserate and emphasise.  I used to swim long distances twice a week, walk and hour a day, dig a large garden, Etc, etc and now some days just gentle stretching and a short walk are all I can manage.  OH has to do the vacumn cleaning and any heavy work.  It is very hard to accept that we aren't the people we were but if you try and push yourself unfortunately the pain and fatigue will only get worse.  It is a case of pacing, pacing.  If there is something you really want to do you probably have to rest up before hand and clear the next day of activities.

I used to rage against this and tried to carry on regardless only to realise eventually that I was doing more harm than good.  Personally I would see what your GP can offer you rather than waiting until you see the rheumatologist as the right medication can make life very much more bearable.x


Hi mrspinkrat

I am so genuinely sorry to read this but it is usual for Fibro sufferers to feel this way. The standard advice is to pace yourself with all things. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


My Dr once print out fibromyalgia info and have it to me and said take this read it and tell me ur your going through this...I looked at him are you serious.

Why couldntbhe refers me then to just give me print out. I'm not the dr but a oatientbwith many pains,aches and no answers. I am only 46 not old.

I don't know what I can do to get answers for my condition. I have osteoarthritis in my lower back oh my god it was so painful one day I  kind of twitch and I was in bed for weeks I couldn't move I couldn't sit I couldn't eat I just couldn't do nothing.

How can I get refere i asked if I have RA in my joint because both my parents suffer. Had blood test showed the sign of gout but no medication.

I'm am desperate I need help and I haven't got the right people to support me. Every step I take is like someone just stab me over and over.

Help please

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Hi jannah

I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I was wondering if there was a ''Walk-In Centre'' near to you? If so, it may prove beneficial to pop along the next time that pain is too much, and talk to them as they can refer you to a consultants and then it gets passed back to your GP after you have been seen at the hospital.

Also, have you ever thought of finding a new GP surgery whereby you may get a more receptive response? I have pasted you a link below whereby you just enter your ''Post Code'' to find a different surgery:


I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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My sympathies, unfortunately your symptoms are typical of fibromyalgia, I too find having a warm bath is the only place I am relatively free of pain, it also helps if you put a cup of Epsom Salts in the water about three times a week, have you tried this?  I wish I could offer more solutions but as everybody says pacing is imperative.  I make myself move as not to one just stiffens up more, but pay the price whatever exercise I choose, the whole condition is a nightmare but try to accept as much as you can, that does not mean you do not try to improve your situation, it just means you are not resisting reality, the resistance in itself causes one to stiffen up.  Mindfulness meditation teaches this and is well worth looking into.

Best wishes to you.



Hi everyone - thank you all so much for your replies! 

Although it's sad that my old life is gone forever, I'm grateful that I'm still here and that I now know what I'm dealing with!

I'm relieved that what I tried to explain makes sense to you all and that it is a 'typical' fibro symptom!!

Thank you xx

'Pacing' is not something I'm familiar with but I will try!! 😉


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