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Oh well car enede 10 mins ago no bids so wait for the usual e mails missed end of auction and i will give you a £1 for it lol and then may re list with lower price and reserve aghhhhh just want it to go it lovely little car but people aint got the money have they

oh well now gonna drag myself up the stairs get the washing basket and put wash on then gonna have to have a piece of cake to give me some energy its lemon cake today flashed in the microwave for 10/20 secs then creme fraishe on the top with a nice cup of tea

hope you all having a lovely day and sun is shining for you love to you diddle with aching arms lol xx

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Poor Diddle. It will go in the end. Mmmmm lemon cake and creme fraishe I am on my way !!!

Hugs xxxxxxxxxx


aw my friend actually raffled his car sold tickets for i think it was a fiver got over a grand for it ,, may be worth a go to keep u in cakes lol xxx


hi hon!

just read about your car. dont know the finer details but a friends of mine is a driving instructor. he is always being asked if he knows of any second hand cars for sale. he is getting rid of my mums for me this way.

just a thought

smiley things



hi thanks thats a good idea my best mate hubby is a part time driving instructor lol how weird you should say that but jus got a message off someone off e bay comng tonight at 7 to view they normally do that waiy til auction ends then get in touch oh well we are all after a bargain arent we love diddle x


Disappointing for you Diddle, hope the lemon cake has made you feel better. Have already had two bars of cadburys this morning in the hope the sugar gives me a bit of a rush!!!. xx


Awww diddle so sorry to hear about your car dilema.

Like you say money is tight what sort of car is it?

Hope you enjoyed your cake and cuppa. WE have just had a gorgeous individual chocolate cake from the co-op and a coffee....... heaven!!!!

Please have a good day diddle x x x


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