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too much DIY + having teenagers + getting stressed = a flare !

although iam very proud of myself being able to help my mum and dad this week with thier jobs that needed doing ,window lock ,drilling holes through walls ,painting ,fixing toilet seats ,etc ....iam really paying the price today

but heyho at least i was useful for a change , :-D iam chuffed that i managed to do it all really ,

i think my youngest daughter who is 13 going on 30 ,hasnt helped either ,we had a blasing row last night ,i just have no idea what to do with her at the moment ,still waiting for a referal from someone who can help ,but all ive had is a letter saying that they are aware ,and will ring soon ,for goodness sake why oh why cant they just send an appointment through the post !

so a very sore fed up me today ,but the sun has come out so thats always a good thing maybe it can lift my mood :)

hugs to everyone xxx

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Blimey Lynz,

You turned into superwoman for a while there ! I'm not surprised you're feeling proud of yourself, I managed the hoovering this morning and thought I'd done well lol.

13 yr olds are designed to stress you out , I remember it well with my 2 lads and I'm pretty sure from memory that girls are even worse :).

Hope you've planned an easier day for today , feet up and a rest is my prescription for you !




yes sitting on my botty today :) lol


Hi Lynz

Well done you deserve to feel proud of yourself.

I have just gone to the shop and i am absolutely shattered now.

I really need to get the spare room decorated soon.

How did you find the energy?

Try not to stress too much over your daughter, girls are always worse than boys at that age, but tell yourself they will grow up lol. But we all go through it.

Get some well earned rest ok! xx


i have no idea how i managed to do it lol ,i think i found some energy for my mum as she has chronic arthritis ,and was really fed up ,thats how i think i did it cause no one else would as my dad works all the hours god sends ,so it would never be done if it was left to him lol

im not doing anything today except eating cake lol ,its a tiring task but im up to the chalenge :-P :)


God lynz, You really have done too much, what are you like lol.

Its good you helped your mam though.

Jasmin is 12 years old and she is so sulky, she always has a face on her her.

Eating cake naughty naughty :)

hugs, kel xxxx


i know kel im so silly but im happy that i helped out ,the cake is all gone now but it was yummy :) lol xxx


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