For goodness sake why cant i be like my friends have a day with my girls and my Grandsons by day i mean just going into town for an hour popping to asda playing with my Grandsons doing them a snack for tea and bathing them without having to be washed out half way through the days events and then paying dearly for it the next day ????? Why? i take tablets like they are smarties they are all for pain and relaxation aand even with the lot of them all mixed up in my system i am still in PAIN ? Oh well easy day for me grandsons out with there Dad so both my daughters will be here but i can jus sit if i want to and not do a thing which is equally frustrating! oh well hope you all ok today and hope you are relatively pain free love to you all Diddle xxx

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  • Sounds like me what you just wrote! Had a little cleaning job yesterday and boy am I paying today.... and with no pain killers either...

    Try and take it easy if you can today ok? be kind to yourself xxx gentle hugs and hope you rest! xxxx

  • Can you not go get an emergency script? my Gp are quite good for that but i know they are not all the same. You really must go and get some medication bless you , you cant suffer al weekend. i will prob take it easy today, both daughters are here but grandchildren with their dad so not quite so hectic!!!!! hope you ok take care love toyou diddle x

  • i think when we have FMS we have to learn that it unlikely we will ever be like we used to be, it's a case of accepting it and adjusting our lifestyle to cope with it.

  • Yes this is true but heck we must not stop wishing for a better day

  • Hi diddle, I have plenty of rest periods through the day and i can do only 1 major thing a day, like cooking a good meal or hoovering.

    Aday shopping doesnt happen nomore when i go food shopping thats all i can do that day too.

    Its so hard and a ll my friends will whinge that they have done ironing and cleaned house and done shopping all in one day and they are tired, i would love to do all that and just be tired.

    Suppose i should be grateful i can still look after my kids though even if they are sooo hard work lol. aww i love them to bits though, they do keep me going lol. :)

    kel xxx

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