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I cant believe that this is going to be how it is for me for hoever many years i got left on thisearth that i willstill be going to bed at 11 pm and tossing and turning , getting up up in the night being surrounded by cushions and soft squashy things etc waking up in pain lookinglike an old women getting out of bed what happens when iam an old women ?????? will i be able to get out of bed ???? oh i dont know irt is probably best not to dwell on the future too much and just take a day at a time as you will get so wrapped up in what may happen you will forget to focus on the hear ad now and get yourself so down .

I am ok jus having a blip and getting fed up with the same old thing day in day out just a different ache somewhere else , getting fed up of doing normal things and paying the price for days after but still doing them even though we know the price we pay is not gonna be very nice !!!

oh well i hope you are all ok and had a relatively good night unlike me lol i jus get in bed and wiah it was norning where most people cant wait to go to bed to rechatge their batteries i know i am in for a night of disturbance and get up unrefrshed well you all know what i mean so agian i wont go on

oh well love to you all diddle xxxxx

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Morning diddle its not like you to be like very sorry you are.

We are all entitled to moan.

God ive done my fair share on here.i dunno wot to say.

I ws in remission 3 years ago with my m.e fybro.

So miracles happen.healing hugs xx


i feel for you hun.. i did have a good night last night, but like you i look in my wardrobe at my size 12 clothes & 4in heels then look at how much i have aged in so little time.. im a size 16 /18 clothes, wear flat comfy shoes, hair scraped & tied back cos i hav'nt got the energy 2 style it.. but i know i will never wear the heels again, i live in hope i will fit back in to the clothes one day lol!!! we all deserve a moan now &then xxxxx


I'm the same I have to have compfy flats but my daughter gets married in 16 days & I have got myself a pr of platform shoes for the day & hope that I get to wear them again as they were compfy when I tried them on & for £35 they should be as for you wieght try & healthy eat Iv lost a,stone & hlf & feel a litter better for it too sending hugs xx


I know what you mean I was the same last night well must nights really as I had my grandson to stay too & he woke up so all in all not much of a sleep but still the days git to ho on & off to work I went but would just love to have a little break to rest & recharch my body but this is life & as I've been like this for the past how many years I'm used to it by now but ... Hope you don't get yourself to down diddle take care xx suwie


I have never seen you this down on the site before Diddle. Worried for you. I know we all go through dips and troughs and I guess you just hit one, you are allowed you know :-) peeps always seem to react when a seemingly strong, anchor-like person hits a blip. It is just making sure you come out the other side. I too have asked myself the same question so many times as it has taken so much from me it seems so unfair. One day at a time Diddle, I know it doesn't make it any better. There are massive developments happening in the medical arena with regards to FM. It will come. I still intend to spend my twilight years travelling around the world!!


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