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how is everyone doing??

hi peeps,

hope you are all trying to rest and being aswell as can be expected? , i am not to bad today my first day i have felt as ok as ok can be for a while now, i have managed to walk to the local supermarket(walking stick assisted) with a list of 4 items(so i don't buy more than i can carry and need), i also managed to walk the pooch around the street and back, also managed some house old chores making my bed and my daughters, i even did tea wahoooo, i am flagging now though, I SO KNOW I WILL BE PAYING THE PRICE TOMORROW !!!!, had an injection in the shoulder which i hope will work but at moment still giving me jip, just thought i would give you a little insight into my day today and to give some of you a little hope that there are such things as the odd good day we feel a little like a normal person :/

Take care and enjoy rest of your evening and keep your chins up

gentle gentle((((((( hugggggs)))))))

Teresa xx

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glad your having a good day :) and i hope they continue :)

hugs lynz xx


thanks lynz me tooo(but not holding my breath but will remain positive) xx :)


I got out in the garden/jungle at last and got some weeding done, tied in climbers, cut all the mouldy raspberries off my canes and generally tidied up as best I could. It might sound a lot but it's a small garden, (much smaller than the 'small' gardens you see being done on tv)! I love getting out, always feel so much more alive and like I'm helping myself, always a good thing.

Great to hear your day has been good:))


Got out into my garden today too and managed to clear some pond blanket weed. Ate all the raspberries I picked - delicious! I have never seen such tall plants in the garden so it must be sown to our rainfall. The bird feeders are great and spend lots of time just watching the different birds coming by, and then later with their babies. Lovely!

Glad you had a good day Teresa. Don't worry about tomorrow as pay-back since it might not happen! Now wouldn't that be nice!

x x :)


been full of pain today almost everywere espesially in my face n jaw but he ho got to keep goin soft hugs to all xx


thank you ladies well i did suffer but not to much, so i think i am on a roll at moment as i am now on day 3 of feeling like i could do loads (technically i cant but the head fog has allowed me to feel like tht this) and i am enjoying believing i can do anything i want for now i know it wont be long before it kicks me and say whoaaaaa lady you taking me for granted, i hope all you ladies are feeling some positivity off me today xxx keep well and take care xxx :)


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