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I'm just curious, but does anyone else on here suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and/or raynaud's disease as well as Fibro?

I'm not coping well with the PTSD and fibro as if i'm having a good day with one the other is playing up and both cause a bout of raynaud's. I've had raynaud's since childhood when it was only a problem in winter/cold work environments and this used to be controlled by medication, now i have to take meds for it all year round which controls it on the rare days when the other two aren't playing up. The PTSD was diagnosed in 2008, and finally after 10yrs plus of putting up with periodic bouts of pain and fatigue i had the fibro diagnosis in 2010 but only after insisting that my raynauds was checked by a rhematologist who said it was probably connected with my ptsd. Sorry if the additional info is confusing in anyway but my mind is feeling very fried right now

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hi, my name is soma, and i have ptsd was diagnosed 2011, also have raynaurds its in my family on mothers side, and fibro was diagnosed 8yrs ago, even though i had symptons lbefore that, along with ibs and many weird and wacky symptons, hope tomorrow is a better day for both of us, love soma x


Hi soma, sounds like a horrible thing to say but its a relief to know that i'm not the only one, my raynauds cam from my mothers side as well although she didn't have it my grandmother and a great aunt did, like you i've had a whole host of odd symptom's that no one could ever find a cause for. Here's to both of us having some better days soon, gentle hugs love tyra x


Hi Tyra, I have PTSD and have been told that it can be a trigger for Fibro, still have not had the diagnoses of Fibro confirmed but it is looking more and more likely.

I had treatment for PTSD last year called EMRD, it was amazing and I am so much better, although it has not helped the Fibro symptoms, it still helped me enormously. It is not yet available from the NHS, but I would recommend it if you can manage, it was literally life saving for me. You can check it out on line.

Best wishes Cazx


Hi Cazbaz, thanks will go and have a look at that. I've tried CBT therapy and counselling although the counselling helped me to not beat myself up for things that i can no longer do it didn't really help with the PTSD, my doctor is suggesting specific counselling for it but i'm not sure if trying to recall events that my mind doesn't want to remember will be of much help and the stress of just thinking about it is causing nightmares, lack of sleep and bad fibro days.

I hope you get your diagnosis soon and don't be afraid to keeping hassling the doc to send you to a rheumatologist especially as other conditions can have similar symptons to fibro.

Take care trya x


Hi Tyra, that is the thing I liked about EMDR, no going over things with a fine tooth comb. it is about turning off the flight or fight reflex, and it worked for me.



Thanks so much for the info Caz, i'll be having a chat with my doctor about it, at this point i'm willing to try almost anything

Tyra x


Hi Tyra, I too have raynauds although only in very cold weather and ptsd. I have been diagnosed with ME ( after several years of suffering) and am waiting for a diagnosis of fibro. I have been drinking colloidal silver and although the initial pain is pretty intense, i'm feeling so much better. If you're interested in colloidal silver you don't have to pay through the nose for it, go to and request a strip of silver (costs about £10.50) which you can hook up to a nine volt battery - take a look at Bob Beck's vids on youtube for information on how it works and how to make the machine - very simple! and no need for a massive outlay of funds, which is so important when you're trying to live on benefits. I hope this is of some value to you x


Hi Carella, thanks for the info i will be checking it out. Did you see your doctor about it first? Take care Tyra x


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