Hi everyone, this is my first post. Can I ask does anyone else also suffer from cfs, candida or gluten intolerance as well as fibromyalgia?

I have found seeing a nutritionist has been helpful. Along with the pain I struggle a lot with chronic fatigue and now take Nutri Adrenal Extra and it does help so am wanting to spread the word as we could all do with a bit more energy! I'm still not able to work but my nutritionist suspects that along with candida I have a gluten intolerance which is putting another load onto my adrenals. The plan is to be on a strict diet and take anti fungals to heal my gut. Hopefully this will start to balance out other aspects in my body.

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  • hi i dont have candida bit i do eat wheat free and feel so much better for it ,n yes i do have cfs aswell i think that comes with FM anyway.oh and welcome to this sight xx

  • Toftly, don't you eat bread at all or do you buy all wheat free foods? I really think I need to do something like that. xx

  • Hi and welcome to a lovely group Bluehippo.

    I'm really interested in what you say, I've always wanted to see a nutritionist. Do you have to pay to see her/him?

    There are some people here with CFS.

    I've got IBS and sure I have food intolerances but stupidly I've never tried cutting out dairy or wheat to see if they make a difference. I bloat a lot and feel quite sick sometimes after a cup of milky coffee. All milk.

    Don't fancy the idea of a strict diet but you do it and we'll see if it works lol.

    I did take acidophillus (sp) a few years ago and had forgotten that till your post came in. I might get some more.

    Nice to 'meet' you.


  • Hi you may not be able to digest Lactose which is found in all animal milk. which is a name for animal milk.

  • Hi Harry59,

    Thanks for that, that is something else I've wondered about too. When I get some time to myself, I'm going to look into that.

    I bloat throughout the day and eat a lot of wheat and did drink milky coffee but have gone onto hot chocolate now. My stomach is really bloated by the end of the day.


  • Good point, if you meant me. I wasn't on all these meds when I took it many years ago. I wasn't thinking.......

  • I may be completely wrong and shoot me down if I am, but I must disagree about mentioning products. I have just read the 'Terms of use Agreement', the 'Site Guidelines' and the 'Community Guidelines' again and I cannot find anything that says you can't. I did however, find clear advice given in all three, that anything said on the site is just someone's opinion and that you should never try anything new without discussing it with a medical professional. We all talk about extremely strong medication all the time, and we all need to take responsibility for ourselves. I would hate to believe that the members of this community would ignore this advice, especially if they have multiple conditions.

  • Hi Tofty, thank you for the welcome. Interesting that a wheat free diet helps! I haven't eaten bread for 4 years and am currently wheat free for the candida. Its good to chat to people and get friendly advice. thanks xx

  • oops sorry if I have broken the rules its my first time on here. I have had a test on my adrenals to determine the level that I am at and this supplement is a mixture of B vitamins and minerals has been recommended to me by two nutritionists. Apologies if I have caused any offence I just thought it would be helpful to share something that helped me but will take on board what you have said Jules 58. I also have a lot of medical conditions along with FM and have suffered with this condition for 10 years so really do understand what most of you are saying. (I also take good bacteria for the gut and find this helpful (hope its okay to say that am replying to Sue's post). Apologies again! xx

  • Thanks for this Lynn, I will look into it, I tend to walk quickly round the supermarket and grab my usual every week things, I need to spend more time looking at wheat and gluten free food.

    Do they taste the same or do we have to get used to a kind of 'new taste'?

  • Hi. I think that most of us with fybro suffer one or if not all the complaints you have. I know its difficult to not discuss meds but i think people should be able to mention them with the warning to take medical advise. Know that talking to people about what medication they were on and with speaking with my doctor made positive changes. But i also went to a private clinic in london but kept them aprasied of what was going on. I have come of that medication because it wasnt working for me but i know other people it worked for. I think all medication is trial and erro. Think i will try the gluton and wheat thing. I moved my bedroom downstairs and life is a little easier. Good days and bad days xxx

  • hi just to say welcome and am sure you will find someone on here with allthe same symptons as you and hopefu;lly you willeget lots of help and advice anyway welcome love diddle x

  • Hi bluehippo, welcome, I love the name :).

    I have a wheat, rye and gluten intolerance and try not to eat anything containing either. It's taken me about 2 years, to know without checking the labels what does and doesn't contain it and to find enough stuff that I like eating, to stop me feeling deprived.

    I am really pleased that as Lynn says, the supermarkets are getting so much better at stocking stuff that cater for various dietary needs. My favourite is gluten free sausages!

    A bigger problem to me is the latex allergy I have and that causes the cross reaction to wheat and a shed load of other foods, all really yummy fruit, veg and spices, some of which send me into anaphylaxis. The worst believe it or not is tomatoes and it's amazing how restrictive it is not eating anything that has them in it.

    I had a look at the supplement you are taking and it looks very interesting.

    I hope you likes us all enough to stay, there is loads of interesting info and you'll always get an answer to you questions



  • Thank you everyone for all your warm welcome wishes! The information you all have already provided is proving useful. I will definately be back. Sleep well and soft hugs. xxx

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