I have Fibro full blown aged 45yr. Can I ask does anyone else with fibro have problems with there bowels and bladder ?

New to this site. Had fibro for the last 10 years and when ever a condition arises my GP always puts it down to fibro. So I was wondering does anyone else have problems with there stomach and with bowel and bladder problems too. I know this a sensitive subject, but it would help.

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  • Hiya, not sensitive at all, anything goes on here :)

    Have you got IBS? It seems a lot of us have that with the fibro. I have. Don't have much problem with my bladder fortunately.

  • hey dimfunsize yes i have problems with my bladder and bowels i get that when i feel the need to go to the bathroom i have to go then cos otherwise i have accedents im plucking up the courage to tell the gp this week i have old him about my bowel problem but that is the opposite i never go i have had that al my life im not sure about fm i was diagnosed 2yr ago but i think ive had it for at the very least 25 year

  • i have trouble with my bladder i have also read up on MS and have now asked my doctor about testing for ms read my blog on what he said (off to doctors part 2) as it says with ms you can have bowel and bladder trouble in fact its almost the same as fibro

  • Hi,

    I've had bowel problems for years which is made worse by the medication but only started with bladder problems about 3 yrs ago, only plucked up the courage to tell my doctor just before christmas, he put me on tablets called ditropan (oxybutynin hydrochloride) but it didn't agree with me and gave me terrible pains in my upper abdomen, haven't tried anything else yet but will when I get a new doctor (the one I have now is rubbish!) so i think i'll have to invested in some tenner ladys for now! lol

    Irene x

  • Yes constantly,can't go more than half an hour with out needing to 'spend a penny' actually it's 40p in town,the list of symptoms goes on and on,have had IBS for many years, bladder is getting worse thou, apparently you can get irritable bladder----my sister has been given tablets for it

  • I have problems with both bowel and bladder. The bladder has been the worst problem over the last few years so I got a referral to Urology who have been very helpful. Have tried Oxybutynin but I didnt find these any help so am now on solifenicen which is working better at the moment but like anything when it gets used to you it stops being so effective. Have also been refered to Physio for pelvic floor exercises but this didnt have much effect. Have been offered Botox treatment but am keeping that on the back burner at the moment. It is a fairly new treatment for bladder problems but has been found to be effective in some people. We could back to the same thing again though, what suits one person doesnt suit another x

  • hi. my mum had terrible bladder problems and tried everything but nothing helped she had accidents for 25 years, had surgery and all sorts of medication. she tried botox about a year ago and hasnt looked back since! she says its fantastic. hope that helps you decide if botox will be helpful

    love chilli50 xx

  • Hi i too have had IBS for many many years,and also bladder problems,(incontinence) i did have an opperation 4yrs 3 months ago,where they did the 3 opps at once, DVT/had my womb taken away and just cant remember the name of the other one (bloody fibro fog) but i still suffer with incontinence, when i need to go, i need to go, also since i had them opps done,i have also suffered with water infections and kidney infections, i am still under the hospital, the Urology clinic and i have been on daily antibiotics since the opperations, They told me i got a bug when they did the opps,and been suffering ever since on top of all my other illness'es,and spent over a week at a time on many occations, through kidney infections, they also gave me tablets to take for the incontinance,which i stopped takeing myself, dident think they helped. xxxx :-)

  • so sorry ..... i meant to say spent over a week at a time many occations in hospital through the kidney infections xxx

  • I suffer from IBS, which seems to be common amongst fibro sufferers but also sometimes have a problem getting to the loo on time, especially first thing in the morning as it takes me so long to get out of bed. I also seem to be more sensitive to foods, but, like with a lot of other things connected to fibro, that can change on a weekly basis :(

  • hi i am 46 and had fibro for 2 years but diagnosed for coming up 1 year and i always went to toile t regularly but the last few months i go for 3/4 days and have to have help with it and also i can go from that to having to go quickly too for couple days they now think i have ibs which is part of fibro (nice) i have noticed also that i quite frequently want a wee where as few yerars ago i would hold it in youknow what it like doing housework and stuff lol but now i find i have to go wheni wan to go a so you are not alone on that one love to you diddle x

  • yes i got diagnosed with diverticulitis diesease last year so i have days when i cannot even think of going out

  • I was officially diagnosed with Fibro iin 2010, at the time apart from the cfs and the pain i couldnt go more than half hr without a wee, but that seems to have eased now (could be the amitryptilline i guess as heard they give this to kids with bed wetting probs as well) but have suffered with constipation all my life. To the point i am now being referred to another specialist because i bleed so much and constant bloatedness my blood count for iron has been way too low. Has been for nearly 6 months (i lose so much blood) but my doc only just referring me. I didnt know these were also the symptoms of MS but every time i get anything my doc puts it down to fibro.

  • IBS and irritable bladder

  • Thank you all so so much for replying to my question. The reason for me asking is yesterday I had a camera up the bum, cant remember the long word for it. Now I have to go for a CT scan on my upper bowel next Thursday cant eat for 36 hours before. They are looking for inflammation in my upper bowel which I think is all in all Fibro. I have also had a lot of blood in my bladder and I had test done last week and they have found a cyst on my left kidney seeing the consultant in 2 week for that. I was asking the question and thank you for everyone who replied. It does look like it is fibro connected. Yes the lovely fibro. But i will keep you all informed in what they say. And of course i am so greatful for your advice and for this lovely fab site xxxx

  • The camera up the bottom is a Sigmoidoscopy - had one myself - but I wasn't sedated ... but wished I was! They let me watch on the screen what was happening was quite facinating! Wish I hadn't had to ride my motorbike home though.....

    I'm the same age as you and have had problems with both for years, and it turns out all mine are related... but it could be different for other people.

    Hope you get everything sorted soon! gentle hugs xx

  • lol so sorry but you make me laugh so much it is hoew you say things lol not laughing at you please dont think that its just the vision of you with camera stuck up there and then you hopping on a motorbike lol it jus sounds hilarious love to you diddle x

  • So sorry as Diddle says you made me laugh too. I used to ride a bike and have had the camera too. I would not have even considered riding home after that though. It was bad enough having to get 2 buses and climb a hill. I am sure everyone thought I had shat with the way I was walking so slowly.

  • Hi all. I have to wear a nappy everyday, got double incontinence.

  • bless you i hope you are ok they are so clever now they make some wonderful things dont they and they are so discreet too good luck yo you love diddle x

  • hi yes ive been peeing myself for yrs now, i thought it was cos i was always a pishyknickers all my life....i always dribbled...but i have had to step out of many a puddle this past year, in the high street and other well embarressing places. I went to the dictors and they sent me to the 'continance clinic' and they deliver free pads to me every month, very discreetly at that.... it saves bundles.

    I am waiting for an op, they put the a type of hammock under the bladder, lets see if it works. I feel trapped emotionally, spiritually and physically...............aaaaarrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh

  • I hope and will pray that it goes well for you. I cannot imagine this on top of all the other problems. Please let us know. Hopefully jumping for joy without a leak x

  • I have constipation but it stops me from being able to wee. I can be so desperate to go and on the toilet for hours trying to force a wee out. Gives me terrible bladder pains.

  • most people with fm have these problems most have IBS and when

    we take medication it makes you constipated so then you have to

    take some other medication to help you go

    A lot of people with FM have blader problems it almost feels

    like an infection but without the pain, you just feel you want to

    wee all the time, but you should not have this all the time only

    as a rule with a flare. if it all the time and it hurts you may have

    an infection

  • I have IBS so irregular bowel habits. I get urgency with both bladder and bowel matter so need to get to the toilet facilities rather quickly. I've had a few episodes of urinary dribbling worse when the spasms are severe. Prone to urinary tract infections also. I tend to rarely urinate during day but visit the bathroom frequently overnight. Suffer from bloating and fluid retention which I take Dandelion Root for via Holland and Barratt. That helps.

    I hope this answers your question.

  • yes constantly need to go to the loo to weee,,,, gets on my nerves and when you are out always looking for public toilets!

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