Gonna suffer tomorrow!

Gonna suffer tomorrow!

Well after nearly 7 weeks off I had a band practice tonight for 3hrs, (I play keyboards) in a rock/pop group. By the end my neck and shoulders were in a lot of discomfort, and the pain got worse driving home. How can something so innocuous as playing a keyboard hurt me so much? It's the only thing that I do and enjoy these days and I'm not gonna let Fibro rob me of the last vestige of enjoyment....even if it kills me!! ......So go and swivel Mr Fibro πŸ–•πŸ˜ŠπŸŽΉπŸŽΆ

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  • Yayyyy for you!!!!!! :0

  • Love your picture - it really captures you concentrating on what you clearly love. No pain no gain. I'm the same with my horse, causes me physical pain after mucking out,riding etc, but the psychological win is so worth it. Up yours Fibro :0 Keep up the attitude!

  • Thanks for the support Andreasuperstar....much appreciated πŸ˜€

  • Welcome ;)

  • Glad you enjoyed yourself , it won't kill you !😊 My gran lived till she was 94 , and I think she had fibro , you unfortunately standing for 3 hours , your nerve endings are rewired , etc so noise , will have effected your head πŸ˜• Your arms will be complaining

    Because you were going for it , I am dead jealous , you keep it going as long as you can now don't laugh but have you considered yoga ,it will keep you supple and could well help , good luck .

    Chris xx

  • Thanks Chris, I will look into that 😊

  • That's a good suggestion Chris about the yoga . Pilates would help too. If you look at the photo you can see how your shoulders and neck are pulled forward in an awkward position. Do that for three hours and there is bound to be trouble for someone who has body pain anyway. Stretching and loosening exercises during breaks and afterwards might help. But don't give up. Making music must be a great joy. I'm envious.


  • Thanks Dee, making music brings me great joy. Especially as I'm self taught and can't read a note of music!! Play by ear πŸ‘‚

    We're on FaceBook if you want to have a look. Will try doing some stretches during breaks. πŸ˜ƒ


  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your keyboard playing and with such a positive attitude I do not give Fibro a chance!

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken 😊

  • Try ear plugs so as to lessen the chance of a sensory overload.

    Try Volterol or some other pain relief ointment before performing and try to stretch and then relax your muscles between songs.

    A hot bath may help afterwards.

    Its my secret method of how to pitch a tent. :P

    Good luck,


  • Some kind words of encouragement, many thanks Sue 😊

  • Have you seen the post re epsom salts, today?

    Maybe try a good soak with at least half a kilo, before &/or after you play.


  • ps Also, try raising/lowering your keyboards, or have them side by side, so your not bending & reaching too much.

    Maybe an occupational health practitioner would advise you on a good seat & stands that are the right height, to reduce the impact of playing. There might be someone you can see at your local pain management clinic. :)

  • Thanks Leverette, I may have to consider that as its getting harder and harder. My wife makes a good 'roadie' .....bless her πŸ˜‡

  • What a star!

    I bet your Mrs is glad you don't play drums! :)

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