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Things I have never said

I do not know if it is good but I find myself talking more on this site about my problems than I do any where else. This morning I have written about my first accident thirty three years ago this is something I do not talk about any more - I am not looking for sympathy it is just part of me- So thanks every one for listening to my blather I really appreciate you all.:)

Gentle Fibro hugs to you all x gins

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hi dont be silly i too comeon here and sayit howit is that day yet person opposite says orning how are you i say fine thanks with big grin on my face why isthat lol xxx love diddle x


Hi yeah I agree with diddle be honest on this blog the person opposite you may feel will not understand why you are feeling the way you do on that particular morning, so to acknowledge and say fine thanks with a big grin is acceptable, no long explanations are needed.At lest it is with a big grin some folk don't even do that.take care lots of love have a good day, the best you can.


Hi gins

Its quite a true factor and i have to look on here all the time.

I have many more things in life that happend young but not disclosed and i find this site very comforting to talk about things.

We should all be able to talk and maybe be great to have a personal corner too for problems xxxx


gm guys this site is great for interacting with everyone, and we all have a story to tell, and for me personaly it has been a godsend, as i live alone, and have no family close by, so thankyou to all. for making me feel welcome . tc soma x


There is so much I would love to say yet I dont know where or how to say it - if this forum is your place thats great news to be honest - everyone seems so supportive and friendly if you can all help each other its not harming a soul! keep it up I say! x


It's a good place to share things on a completely unconditional basis as it's often much easier to "talk" to someone you don't actually know or live with than feel that you are burdening someone you love - I know this is true for me anyway. Each of us have similar problems with good & (probably more) difficult days so understand & accept the need to off-load. It can also be very healing.

I fully believe that by sharing your experience there's a very real possibility that you may help others too... someone, somewhere just may identify with your words & they may make all the difference to them right now. So, please keep sharing your thoughts, we are all here to listen & give you a little support as & when we can.



Sharing how we feel is also a good way of our trying to accept how much our lives have changed with Fibro. We can get things off our chests here that perhaps we couldn't find the strength to in front of our nearest and dearest, so that's a good thing for us. We also can get lots of personal opinions here and views on the things that trouble us most. :)


I think it's good to share how we feel because I have just realised that anger can b turned inwards making the pain worse. So glad I just picked up my iPad after having an upsetting conversation with my mother who slipped out she has been talking about me and the conclusion is I'm depressed with IBS. Couldn't sleep after thT feeling so angry. Which is when I realised She not only drained. Y energy but the pain much worse!! So glad I tuned into this blog!!! Thank u all my wonderful Fibro/hypothyroid sisters - I love you all!! You help me Keep the Faith!!!!!

Gentle hugs to all xxx


This site helps us all because it is OURS! We can write how we feel, think, moan, share experiences good & bad, blog, just read others or reply.

We don't have to put a brave face on here, we tell it like it is. Our family & friends may be bored with all our pain (don't they realise we are too?) But on here we get support because we all UNDERSTAND!

The comments on here help because they are thought about, not glib replies. We empathise, we CARE. True friends we've never even met, but boy they can lift your spirits!

Gentle hugs to all xx


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