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Well, I never knew that!!! Did you??

I have just found out, from a lady at my Grandchildren's school, that your Dr can give you a referral card for your local gym! I don't know if every area or boroughs do this but its worth asking! I was turned down for any type of phsio last week due to cut backs as I'm sure a lot of you may have been but I'm going to give it a go!!! If you're on any form of benefits you can get it for free!!(double check) This lady works for Adult Social Services for people with disabilities, so I guess she knows what she's talking about! Good luck my fibro- friends!!... xxx

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Yes, my doc referred me years ago, if I recall correctly, it was a 6 wk course


The Doc at the hospital has referred me but he said they sometimes ask for a fee depending on what you choose to do.


Yes, only if your Dr thinks that it may be beneficial for whatever complaint you have

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I never knew that. I know my physic recommended swimming but I had to fund it myself.




Hi Jilly,

Yes my doc and physio both recommended swimming, but when I asked how / where - they said I needed to sort that out myself, and when I asked them how I was going to get changed or even into the pool - they said I needed to get someone to help me, as I cannot do that by myself.

When I pointed out I have no strength in my arms and that doing any kind of resistance work was agony they agreed it would not work for me.

It is a shame, as I was a water baby before this - I really love swimming.


My local authority will fund an exercise referral programme at a local gym, you have to be referred by the practice nurse or GP, it gives you 12 weeks at a reduced rate. Once on the scheme there are loads of other free groups to join,walking club,dancing, gardening and cycling. Its a great scheme. Xx


Yes, my doc has said he will refer me at a reduced rate, but I have to find out the participating gyms/pools.

We lived in Dorset some years ago and there was a very good scheme where after a doctors letter you could join for ten pounds a year and have sessions for a pound a time. The swimming sessions ran twice a week and were supervised by physios. It was a bit like hydrotherapy, not just doing exercises but having free rein to swim too. It was great.


Hi, my GP does a gym referral to our local leisure centre. Its a 20 session course, £5 a session. They weigh, BMI and measure you. Listen to what you;ve got and then tailor the machines to suit, gradually working up to more and more. You get to join the gym at a reduced price after. Worked for hubby, he has replacement hip and waiting for the other to be done, they couldn't cope with my fibro, said the local pool was too cold and referred me back to gp to go on to have hydrotherapy. This works, BUT having finished the 6 sessons, I now have to pay to go weekly to a localish special needs school with superheated pool. To tell the truth, I need this every other day, not just once a week, but as its like getting into a really warm bath, exercising is much easier and I can exercise what bits need it that day, plus do strengthening exercises, other that go all have something wrong with them ie mobility probs. Sos if you have fibro, then gp referral to gym is probably not for you, but referral to hospital physio for graded exercises and hydrotherapy is, then its up to you to keep it up.


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