Things I miss since loosing my mind .... Humour - join in!

There is an old saying - I had to laugh or else I would cry

Well - that seems to be a good enough reason to poke fun at myself as any :-)

if you like - do join in, perhaps, if we gt enough funny ones we could do a calendar ( like the black sheep ones) and raise some money to help raise awareness, who knows.

But in the meantime I thought I would start this post, hope others will join in, and something I can nip back to to add more mental behaviour from moi, since loosing my mind to the fog...

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  • today I thought I would do some crochet - help to exercise my hands ( which misbahave and utterly refuse to do as I ask them) - something not too taxing ( as my muscles are weak and a fading memory of days of rowing and martial arts )

    I started to crochet and realised I had forgotten how!

    yeay for youtube - overcome this small hurdle easily, video watched and off we go...

    and alas the brain fog descends

    and some time later I get up to get a glass of water and wonder what has wrapped itself around my legs...

    the wool - I had not only forgotton how to crochet, not only forgotten to count my stiches (loops) but had completely forgotten I was crocheting in the first place!

    oh brain - where have you gone :-)

  • looking for the remote???

    - no fear, Brain fog is here!

    do check the oven - apparently it is the best place to keep a tv remote :-)

  • anyone for a slice of boot?

    no - just me - cannot understand why anyone does not want a slice of this lovely chocolate boot my mother-in-law sent over?

    cake? cake you say - what is that then? - erm.... yes - yes that is what I said - slice of cake!

  • aaaah, no. Ken will be over like a shot

  • Hehehehe wish I could remember something funny, but I'm in thick fibro fog atm :o :o

    Foggy x

  • my best was standing by the kitchen sink,

    the cold tap is running,

    I have an open bottle of squash in one hand,

    an empty glass in the other...

    nope, can't remember what I've come in here for.

    put it all back and go back into the living room, sit down and...doh!

  • Standing in the kitchen. A joint of pork in front of me and a carving knife in each hand, wondering what I should be doing.

    Hubby walks in takes both the knives of me then sends me to sit,

    Because apparently I`m not safe let loose .

  • Standing in the middle of sainsburys car park wondering what I am supposed to do with the empty trolley.Must take it that way. cant remember what the trolley park looks like. Did finally sort it out but it took some concentration.

  • Was making a cup of tea, all well there then. Was standing at the fridge staring couldn't remember what I needed, my daughter told me to get the milk so I promptly closed the fridge and looked in the cooker, looked in the cupboard had to ask what I was looking for (my daughter finished making the tea and led me to my seat) :)

  • I've done that one, I put two litres of my lactose free milk in the oven and my pies in the fridge!

  • Hehehe, my poor wee pup will have an identity crisis before long. I have called her by all the dogs names I have had before and then look at her hoping she can tell me her name :)

  • chatting to my friend on the phone, we moaned at the lack of anything good to watch. I asked had she rang for anything special? she replied "didn't you ring me?" we had a laugh, but neither of us could remember! :)

  • I've just shaved twice cos I forgot the first time. I have hot drinks in an insulated cup and they still get cold.

    I was chatting to a friend, (she'd rung me) My friend said "where's my phone?". I said "In your hand?"


  • I have often been known to ask for a cup of tea when there is one next to my bed I forgot was put there only minutes ago :-)

  • Messing about with the house phone, that lives in the bedroom, I decided to change the ringtone!! A few hours later (sat in the front room)I heard a bizzare noise!!!! What the heck is that?? I thought to myself.....2 minutes later, my mobile phone rang! It was my Mum saying she'd tried the landline number but got no answer......:-D :-D Promptly changed the ringtone back!!

  • Last night I poured water in my bowl of cereal???

  • He he glad I am in good company here... I brought the small bathroom bin down to empty it however I did not really want to empty it into the washing machine but I did...

  • Oh yes I remember now - when it was hot the other day I wanted a cold drink of vimto (the juice type not the pop) and put the cold tap on to get the water cold, took a glass out of the cupboard, then poured the vimto in only I forgot to stop and had a full glass of undiluted vimto in front of me.. I had to think for a while before I realised I needed to get most of that back into the bottle..sigh

  • My sisters dog Bella was staying for the night, got my dinner ready and her dinner ready, put her dinner on the floor and took mine in the living room, forgot the salt went back to kitchen, back to living room, yes your right, I had the dog bowl and she had my plate of Spaghetti Bolognese. I ended up with bread and jam, but at least Bella seemed happy

  • wheat free toast and marmite for lunch, lovely, however....

    spent a good few minutes trying to put the marmite lid on the margerine tub - just kept putting the little marmite lid in the big gap - looking at it, realising something was not right but not sure what, and trying again and again - madness :-)

  • Points to you Mrs S! This is a great thread :D

  • Just remembered, when I went to bed last night I tried to hang my dressing gown on the light switch. Then could not understand why it fell to the floor.

  • I put the electric kettle on for a cup of tea today, was standing for ages waiting for it to boil with nothing happening......when did you start having to plug kettles in to get them to boil? :(

  • A few months ago I set off on a morning walk with whippet. I thought he's sprightly this morning. Not being an early morning person he usually drags behind.

    Look down.

    No whippet.

    He was shivering outside the back door.

    Even had his lead on. Bless him.

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