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Swollen glands and crumbling teeth


I have two issues.

Firstly, I have a swollen gland under my left armpit which, when felt for, feels the size of a small egg. They sent me to the Breast Clinic and after two examinations by two different consultants, they said there was nothing with my breasts. They didn't give me a mammogram or an ultrasound. It is very uncomfortable sometimes and I have a problem bringing my arm down. The first doctor sent me to the breast clinic and the second didn't have a clue.

Secondly, does anyone else know if Zomorph and Oramorph can make teeth crumble? I have always had bath teeth but recently it has been getting worse. Two molars broken within a month.

Thanks in advance.

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Have you also got CFS/ME as swollen glands are a common problem.

I was told that the glands are the body's first warning sign that you are being attacked by a virus - so at the first sign of swelling I take multivits, vitamin c and zinc and eat well especially fruit, veg, warm drinks. Then just wait them out. If you are feeling generally unwell or run down glands in neck, armpits and/or groin swell up.

Sorry no idea re your teeth.

Hope you are feeling better soon

Julie xx


I'm puzzled how they would know without a mammogram or ultrasound. Sorry you are having a rough time. regards, sandra.


Hi Julie. Thanks for replying.

I have been diagnosed with Fibro but not sure about the CFS/ME although the amount of time I am tired it would make sense.

Take care xx


Hi, I have exactly the same, big swollen lumps under my armpits also at back of my knees. My teeth are just crumbling away i have had to have a partial denture and am on my 4th because my gums keep shrinking and teeth crumbling, I have read on several websites that it is all a symptoms of Fibromyalgia . My doctor said nothing to "worry about" too so i just put it down to another horrible symptom . I hope this is of some help x


I have had a lot of issues with my teeth whereby the xrays have shown the roots of my teeth to be dissapearing! The dentist has said that it is probably related to my Fibro and there is nothing he can do. He has crowned 3 of my teeth because of this, but has said that they will probably fall out in time along with all the others! Being on benefits, I don't know what is going to happen as they can only supply dentures which I cannot wear, they just make me wretch constantly. To have the implants which is the only thing that will work for me will cost thousands..... :(


Thank you all for your comments :-)

Fudgiekins - I also get a lump behind my right knee. Does it cause you pain as well? If you answered this in the post, apologies. Just read it and Fibro Fog kicked in.



currently on penicillin for boil/neck + oramorph/zomorph both opiate based ie. same origin as heroin and can confirm my teeth crmbling away @ rate of knots. was told damage done!



I have discovered, after reading posts here and my own exparience that the cause of my rapid tooth decay is linked to acid reflux. I have constantly had sore/splits at the corner of my mouth and mouth is so sensitive to sweet/acidic foods. When I was put on anti inflamatory and anti feflux because of the side effect the acid cleared up. I have confirmed this with my dentist. Hope it helps you.


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