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Morning all, ive been going to the dentist for once a month for a year now as my teeth are decaying badly. Ive always had strong healthy teeth. The teeth are coming away from the gums and the bone is crumbling. Next week ive got to have 3 out at the front and 2 at the back and false ones put in straight away, iam absolutley terrified. Ive only ever had one tooth out before 😒😒


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  • There is no need to worry i have the same problem and have only a few teeth left.

    My teeth were already loose before they were removed and my falsies put in straight away.

    It helps to wear your teeth every day to stop your real teeth from wandering into the gap.

    good luck. :)

  • I am so sorry.

  • I had my front teeth out and a partial plate put in when I was in my twenties and I've had no problems, but now my remaining teeth are going and I hate the thought of having them out and having a new lot put in, but I'll have to get them done. Dont worry if you're teeth are loose they will come out easily which is good and you'll have no more problems, take care

  • Thank you for your replys. I thort i was the only one x

  • I just wanted to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck for next week.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Your dentist should have asked if you get get dry mouth as that wrecks your teeth and you can get a special gel from doctors to rub round teeth etc to protect its like a fake salvia

  • Thank you so much that's really useful to know.

  • I've had to go for an emergency appointment as half a tooth plus filling has fallen out! I have been terrified of seeing a dentist after a nasty experience as a child. I found a lovely lady dentist, but she has moved away. My husband got me in to see a very nice man at his practice. So a root canal done this afternoon, and I'm still a bit numb. Next appointment in twelve days for a crown.

    Do you know why your teeth are crumbling now? Has your dentist suggested any particular reason? Could it be connected to fibromyalgia? I wish you well for your treatment.

  • Hi, yes its through fibro. Fibro causes gum disease which i got really bad n quickly. Never had gum disease before fibro. So plzed uve found a dentist that u feel at ease with x

  • Feel so sorry for you. I'm petrified of the dentist and have to have sedation even to clean them as my gums have receeded quite badly. This has been a problem for about the last 10 years and I'm wondering now if it's through fibro. Been twice this week and I'booked in for the 25th for root canal and crown. So scared. My cheecks start to feel numb just waiting in the reception 😭😭 I've had injections in my neck, spine, facets and coccix and I'm ok but injections in my mouth and I'm a quivering wreck. The left side of my jaw is clicking in and out now and dentist has given me excercises to do. I wish you all good luck and lots of hugs and hope it does'nt hurt us too much x

  • Ty so much. Wish i could get sedation. Ive got no one to come with me as people are busy that day n carnt cancel as done that twice now. Just hope ill be ok xx

  • Poor thing I wish I could help you as I know what you will be going through. Lots of hugs x

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