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So when the specialist says "CLEAN YOUR TEETH" at least twice a day, use a good toothpaste and a strong brush.. do you realise the problem in that.?.. NO?... well; let me explain one little fact- Toothpaste is a mild abrasive, it is just like sandpaper- does exactly the same job- so every time you clean your teeth your eroding the enamel off your teeth- so two or three times a day seven days a week for mmmnn, lets say 25 years--- and the damage to the enamel is bad..! Who encourages you to clean with toothpaste.? the Dentist or the manufacturer.? Dentist want work, so never argue the values..!

once a day with a tiny little toothpaste is more than enough, I use just a toothbrush and water and every third day or so use a little paste.. The rest of the time, a good mouth wash does a job that prevents foul breath-


Toothpaste is used by watchmakers and car windscreen repairers to remove scratches out of glass.!!

I've been doing that for years..

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  • I used to "mess " with watches and there is no better substance than toothpaste to clean and remove scratches from Watch glass

  • How scarey - my daughter refuses to use ones with fluoride in - says it is very bad for you and your teeth!

  • I once watched a documentary about fluoride and I have never used a fluoride toothpaste since! I buy non-fluoride toothpaste these days!

  • And yet my dentist has prescribed me a fluoride toothpaste :O

  • Julie was also recommended the same. However, I watched a US documentary on how fluoride rots the the teeth! Weird or what? Many sates in the US have stopped putting it on the water as a result of the federal gov findings.

  • Yes, I have seen documentaries about this and it is quite an eye opener! Thanks for sharing x

  • Hi, here is another interesting snippet about toothpaste you might not know. Check out the ingredients, if it has Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (check the other names it go under) give it a wide birth, one use is in industrial floor cleaning industry, it foams a lot, it thickens and it cheap, it's added to toothpaste, beauty products, shampoo, baby products even creams for dermatitis when they know it is a skin irritant. Here is just one link that will make you think twice about what you and your family use. Do a little research yourself. healthychoices.co.uk/sls.html

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