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Sore mouth and swollen lump behind front teeth

Hi all,

In the past I have had a couple of attacks where it feels my tongue is burning it eventually goes sometimes couple weeks or months. But lately the roof of my mouth right behind my two front teeth feels like its a small hard bump my whole mouth feels sore and all my teeth hurt more like a pressure pain that actual tooth ache and my jaw aches both sides I've tried so many overthecounter mouthwashes but nothing helps I see my GP tom and wondered if any of you have had similar and what helped.

Hope you all having a good as can be day xx 👍

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Sounds sore,, the best person to go to is your dentist


If you haven't tried it see if he will prescribe some Difflam mouth wash. I had something similar and the whole of my mouth felt inflamed and sore and my gums were aching even though my teeth were fine. It just numbs the mouth and takes that terrible edge off and enabled me to get over that bad patch. Now if I feel it coming on I used it for a few days.x


Hi Kaylyn

I am so very sorry to read that you are suffering in this way and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I would definitely get this checked out as it could be caused by so many different things.

I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Well saw GP he feels it could be caused by infection although would not prescribe antibiotics, he have me Difflam mouthwash for the pain and Cordysol for the infection and a saliva spray and I am to go back to see him on 28th April it it is no better he will refer me to see an Oral Specialist. I did some detective work since seeing him and found that continually using Omerprazole can cause this symtons so I have today stopped taking them I am still on Ranatadine and they do not list these symptoms as a side effect - so fingers crossed this should help.

I also had chickenpox the end of November followed by Shingles on one forearm and still getting pain in that arm cold sores and feel I'm not picking up again I'm the same when I see GP end of the month he will refer me to a Hematologist.

I have arthritis in the C6/C7 on the too of my spine which is also showing as onset in my clavicale bones and this makes me feel I am being strangled and lately bits of food feel like they are stuck in my throat - other than the rest of my fibro symptoms I'm doing OK lol.

Thank you for your replies 😊 x


How are you feeling now? Be careful with Cordisol, it stained my friend's teeth! Sounds like you have an abscess to me!!x


Hi Magnetta

Still feel the same but I suppose it will take a few days for the mouthwashes etc to hopefully work. I had read that Cordysol can stain your teeth so I'm using baking soda before I go to bed helps will teeth staining. I was actually surprised my GP never gave antibiotics if he feels its an infection but they are very reluctant in prescribing them unless its absolutely necessary. If it stays the same or feels worse I will see him before the 28th when Im booked to go back again.

Hope your Fibro is not giving you too much hassle today.

Take care x


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