Teeth/Jaw Clenching

At the moment i clench my teeth i even told my dentist about it but for the moment I'm using my retainer, only the bottom set to sooth this. I also have a bonded retainer which is wire/metal glued to the back of my teeth. I can't seem to figure out if its the bonded retainer thats hurting me or my teeth clenching.

Also not sure if it could be my teeth moving due the the fact on my bottom bonded retainer the metal is no longer touching my teeth in a certain area i did tell my dentist that but she didn't seem to think that was the cause.


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  • Hi. Im sorry that you are suffering. I had this before. I ended up getting jaw and headaches with. It was related to depression, a sign of anxiety. Do u think that it could be either of those , or both?

  • This is called bruxism. I do it and I have lost back teeth. More to lose. It is a horrible habit.

  • I'm sorry to hear.

  • I have lost mine to

  • I have always liked after my teeth. Diabetes hypoglycemia causes teeth to decay causes gum disease

  • I meant hyper glycemia

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that, and I do not know what the problem is but I wanted to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you are looking for.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I have a feeling it's a side effects of one of my meds, but my jaw is aching so much at the moment and I am getting really cross with myself when I realise I'm doing it. I stop for a while and then go back into full clench mode, it is a viscious circle with me.

  • I feel for you it is a horrible thing to deal with. I don't know if this is helpful in any way but I was diagnosed with TMJ five years ago. I had muscle pain around the jaw, pain in front of the ear and temple, difficulty opening my mouth, jaw felt tight, headaches, earache or a buzzing in my ear not to mention the pain in other parts of my neck and back. I was given Dosulepin and have been wearing a mouth guard as i was damaging my teeth with grinding too. Thankfully i am free of that pain and been able to reduce my dosage. Take care .

  • Stress makes me do this.



  • I managed to bite/grind my way through two plastic mouth guards! I was eventually given a hard metal and plastic one that was just too painful to wear. So, when stressed I still clench and grind I'm afraid. MariLiz

  • Yes I have also grinded my teath though plastic mouth guards. When I'm stressed I clench to. I'm very scared of losing any more teath at the bottom of my mouth I won't be able to chew food

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