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Does your Fibro move?


Hi guys

I am still trying to decide whether or not I have Fibro or the early unset of Fibro, even though my GP has told me I have I am still not 100% convinced

When I get the worst flare ups like today the pain is not systemic, it affects one area of my body but equally on both sides, i.e both hands / both feet etc

For the past few weeks it has been in my hands and wrists, it then moved up into my shoulders and today my hands are much better but I am starting to feel it again in my feet

Does your Fibro move around your body?

Also, has anyone had any good results with Nortriptyline - im taking 20mg and it does not seem to have any affect on my condition



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sorry to say yes my fibro moves it makes it really hard for people to understand as one time its hips the next its wrists bit like guess the pain xx

Please dont give up learn as much as you can about the condition and work out how you can live with it

sounds like a good gp ?

sorry cant help with Nortriptyline still trying to sort out meds to help me xx

gentle dyslexic hugs

hi , yes mine moves round my body all day long .eg this morning my shoulders and feet and now its hands and cheeks of bum x

Hi guys thanks for the input

The thing is, I dont get this pain in any of the other areas I should, only hands and feet and very occasionally upper arms/shoulders

All the other tender points listed for fibro are uneffected


It's the same Kind of drug really,as amitriptyline,more or less

But amitriptyline some people can not tolerate and it gives them headaches

But the nortriptyline seems to be better tolerated, I,have taken each one

And they work just as well,as each other, its a bit like penicillian

Drugs that have cillian at the end of the word is an antibiotic the people

Who make the drugs just change the mixture a little to,make it stronger

Or,not so,strong I hope you can understand,the way,I,have worded


My Pain moves about as well, but the pain seems worse on my left but I,get

It both sides and in my feet neck its easer to say where it is not.

Hope this,helps you a little good lick Viv


Sorry you may need a stronger dose than you are taking

Ask your GP

Hi yes my pain moves around generally it affects my arms neck shoulders, hands, knees , thighs, legs, hands and feet but not all at the same time,. If you are unsure could you not ask for a referal to see a Rheumatologist who would then suggest suitable medication to your GP??

Gentle Hugs

Sue x x x


hi lv and mine moves bloody furking everywhere and in diff degrees of pain at diff parts or all the same,it 1 SH***ING PRATTING NASTY PIECE OF WORK...sorry lv but it dose sound like it is.every1 here wont be able to cure you but where good bloody listeners ans some1 will be always bout to talk to you....WE LV YOU KINGKURT xxx :)

Hi kingkurt

Mine moves around all the time. At the moment its in my hips, groin, thighs & knees. Also sharp pains in my legs which make them jerk about! Grrrrr. This morning it was worse in my back, arm & shoulder.

They say a change is as good as a rest!!! (What do they know) lol x

Thanks for all your comments guys but what I really want to know is if there is anyone here who just suffers from problems in thier hands and feet and nowhere else??



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