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Time for a New Start

I went to the doctors today with my letter from the Rheumatologist. I was quite nervous as it was a new gp and I generally have struggled to find a decent gp and I was planning on changing surgeries. However, the doctor I saw today seemed to be knowledgeable, helpful and fairly friendly. Not amazing but good enough and he disputed bits with the letter said which I think is good, shows he actually cares, and seemed to have good ideas and suggestions.

Started duloxetine this evening, feel a bit sick, not sure if its the tablet or not, started on 30mg is that low? He decided there was no point in the tramacet that the letter suggested as I was tramadol which is stronger which I'm glad about as I didn't wanna lose the tramadol.

At the start of term, just after christmas, I was eating healthier and doing some exercise but then I took a down turn for abit so now I'm gonna pick all that up again properly and try really hard to get better and hopefully this gp will be some help and thingg :)

Hugs to everoyne tonight :)

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Hi there,

I am so pleased you have found a nice doctor as they are hard to come by.

You sound so positive which is a good thing as i try to stay positive most of the time as i think if you stress it makes a flare come on.

I have never been on duloxetine so i cant give any advice on that.

Its just so nice nice to hear positive comments.

Good luck.

kel xxx


I try to be as positive as possible, I'm generally a quite emotional person, and if I feel something went well then I am always very positive and happy, whereas if a little thing goes wrong it can feel like the end of the world. Like on friday when I got told I couldn't register at my mum's gp I started hysterically crying in my car in the carpark of mcdonalds. Interesting.

Gentle hugs x x


im the same as you. we've got poor coping abilities thats why we blub when it goes wrong or in my case, when someone is not nice to me.


Stay strong. Getting control of Fibro is a long road, but it's worth it.

Tramacet is just Tramadol plus paracetamol. Many opioids work better when taken alongside paracetamol - they have what is called a synergistic effect, in that taken together they work better than the combined effect of the 2 medications taken separately. It may well be worth checking with your GP whether you would be better off taking paracetamol alongside your Tramadol. Paracetamol tablets are very inexpensive (less than 20p a packet is common), so most GPs would not bother with a prescription in this situation. You would obviously need to follow the safe dosage guidelines for the paracetamol, but taken the 2 drugs together but as 2 different pills does also mean you can titrate your dose yourself to what you need on any one day.


Thanks for the info about Tramadol.

I have been prescribed Tramadol plus Paracetemol and tried for a weeks but then went back to Solpadol which has helped for the last few years, but am rapidly running out of those and have a 3 month supply of the Tramadol, so will go back to seeing if they work for me.

I truly think that Vitamin D3 helps too.


I didn't mention, I had a prescription of paracetamol given as well and I am taking them alongside the tramadol. God I still feel really really sick today :( Wanna just go home to bed, but I've got so much work to do. I got a first at uni last year, and I am determined to do it again this year.


Hiya, just to say, I take 60mg of Duloxetine daily and started off taking them at night but found that I was having weird dreams and not sleeping properly so was advised to take them in the morning instead. Still dont sleep much but at least the dreams stopped!!. Take care xx


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