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Diet ! where to start ?

Hi all!

I am determined to lose wait after all the Christmas goodies have all gone !

Also I want to be healthier and think maybe a meat free diet is best ? I've been researching food and feel overwhelmed ! tofu ? lentils ? how and what do I cook them with ? Also, my other half cooks but I cant expect him to cook a different dinner for me and another for everyone else when he gets home from work ? So , to be completely honest I don't want to go back to cooking every night after work. Pete cooking really helps me , especially with this illness ,not enough spoons etc

I am thinking I may eat veggie a couple of times a week . Its still decreasing my meat intake and increasing my plant intake ? any advice ? I feel lost with all this ! whats high in protein instead of meat ? Any tips or help gratefully recieved I'm in unknown territory !!!!!!

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If you want to loose weight and be a healthier person then it's out with the simple carbs! High protein diet with veggies is the way to go for this. The best diet to follow is the Paleo diet. Hard but you will notice the results.



You need some carbs in your diet its dangerous to cut them all out but things like white bread should be reduced or changed to whole meal


No complex carbs are fine. I meant the simple ones obviously :0)


I'm just going to make changes my eating habits, one step at a time - trying to avoid too much chocolate, slightly smaller portions etc. For me, a 'diet' never works but making small adjustments to how much I eat etc becomes much more sustainable - besides my brain can never remember what foods I'm 'meant' to eat or not eat.


Hi Larissa, you could try the 5:2 eating plan. My daughter and I both tried it and still return to it when we've slipped back into gorge mode. We both found it very good at shedding the pounds and I found the added benefit of much reduced fibro fog! I checked with my GP before I started and she was positive about it as it was devised by a doctor and a nutritionist. It can be tough sometimes on the "fast" days but knowing you can eat what you like the following day makes it much easier. It you do decide to give it a go please buy the book - you can probably pick it up for a few quid online - as I read a few forums when I started and it was scary the ideas some of the people who decided to go it alone without research had as was guaranteed to keep them malnourished. If that isn't for you it might be worth asking if your GP can arrange a referral to a dietician for you, especially if are seriously thinking of cutting out meat, as they can advise you on the correct protein combinations to ensure you get a spread of all the necessary amino acids. Whatever you choose please don't cut out any major food groups (apart from added fat) as it's not sustainable as a long-term eating plan without risking serious health problems and if you use it as a short-term fix it's likely you'll put the weight straight back on when you stop. I have used the carb-free diet as a quick fix before going on holiday etc but would never recommend it as a way of life as it can lead to kidney damage and osteoporosis. I was recently diagnosed with osteopenia and wonder whether my mucking about with carb restrictions has contributed in some way. Whatever you choose good luck and remember if you back-slide it's OK as you can start anew the next day xx


I wouldn't diet but just change to a healthy eating plan use a smaller plate and portion it out into quarters quarter for meat or fish quarter for rice or potatoes and two quarters or half for vegetables and have two different sorts cut out or dramtically reduce intake crisps and sweet things limit intake of bread

Slimming world works well as well. But in my opinion dieting doesn't work but changing to a healthy plan does cut down on red meat stick to chicken/turkey and lots of fish the weight will come off slow and steady

I've lost 4 kg in 3 months doing it this way I know its not a lot and its slow progress but its more likely to stay off and I'v didnt have to change that much and its not any more effort i'm not on a diet its just a new healthy way


Hello Larissa,

I personally agree with Justmai, healthy eating and making small changes is the best option in my opinion. I also wouldn't cut out carbs either as I feel this could cause an exacerbation of your Fibromyalgia symptoms.

I have just noticed on the NHS healthy eating page they have information on a 12 week losing weight plan, maybe you could look into this via the link below;

There is also a community on HealthUnlocked where you can get advice on weight loss too;

I hope this helps

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


I also so the 12 week plan on the nhs page and started. Felt positive after doing the how healthy are you cos I'm not as bad as I thought. Just my sweet tooth. I liked the fact it took I'm stress and mental health.p x


Hello Pugwash80,

Great sounds like the link is helpful then ?!! It seems it is a good idea by the NHS to try to help with a healthy eating weight loss plan. Do let us know how you get on :)

Emma :)


Start simple. There is so much overwhelming info for the tired mind out there.

And here is a bit more.

Big super market freezer cabinet.

You don't have to cook from scratch.

Quorne produce.

Mince quite vile. But mix it with ordinary mince. To make goodies.

Chilli shepherds pie spag boll and anything else. Make loads and freeze.

Linda McCartney sausages. Acquired taste but ok. Cook along with normal jobs.

Start working your way through vegetarian section.

One meal a week is a start.

I have even indoctrinated man about the house now.

Almonds good source of calcium. You only need 8 per day.

And find an exercise that you can stick to. Even if limited.

Little and often.

You effort will be rewarded.

Loosing weight is hard. But you can definitely improve fitness.

It has taken me a year.

But I have gone from being able to do 5 sit to stand a day.

To 25 twice a day.

Small steps.

Good luck


Well done x


I swear by rosemary Conley xx


Thankyou everyone for good advice !

I am going to improve my diet , more raw foods, watch my sweet tooth ! , and increasing my fruit and veg .

I have also been learning about supplements , and have bought 'Spirulina''Cod liver oil' and some nuts and seeds. I feel really motivated and enjoying learning more about nutrition !


Hi, You might take a look at the Michael Moseley 5.2 diet as it's healthy and scientifically backed. Suex


Diets are always difficult subject. They ALL WORK, yeah ok, and pigs fly.

The underlying things in all of them is HEALTHY and BALANCED.

Watch the pulses. Fibro is often associated with IBS and they might trigger it. They move the gut anyway. tip - soak lentils beans and peas overnight then discard the water. apparently the offending chemical goes with it.

Not so easy with eating/cooking with others but try a 2 or 3 no meat days a week.

Try the KIS diet - Keep It Simple. If it works for you, go for it.

A support group may or may not work. Weight watchers is not the only choice. My GP got me a 6 week session with a local group. Couldn't go because work commitments interfered!

Everything I like is immoral illegal or fattening.

I'm on the gin & tonic diet. So far I've lost 3 days :-)


Hi Larissa,

whatever you do make sure it is healthy. I do weight watchers and have slow progress but I know I am getting the right foods.


Hi, I find a great way to eat without meat is to eat lots of salads and fish, tuna, smoked haddock, salmon bits, or if you don't like fish then eat nuts and raisins with a salad. If you want hot food then boiling up lentils with onions and an oxo cube forms a great base for a meal, can add cheese (low fat if on diet) or just a handful of herbs to give it a great taste, you could add mediterranean herbs or hot spicy chilli. Another great meal is to cut up your favourite veggies, use lots of them and eat when boiled - don't overboil keep them fairly hard, or if you want a soup then make it with one onion, one potato, one stock cube and add other veg to colour, e.g. carrot for an orange soup, spinach for a green one and serve with Ryvita if on diet or warm crusty bread. All take minutes to prepare. If you are on a low fat diet walnuts are ok, but avoid other nuts. Fresh fruit such as apples are good as they fill you up as they have pectin in them.d


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