tips .im full of them lol xx

wel everyone do u throw a lot of stuff away ? yes ? oooh naughty lol .heres what ive done .took the black inside bin of a wee pedal bin .an old chrome tieback.some fake ivy.and 2 trailing geranium plants and tada !! a beautifull hanging basket on my fence..i sprayed a dead tree which was in a pot old chrome standing toilet roll holder turned it upside down and its a lovely plant stand.u know when u buy underwear u get these wee hangers well i kept them ive 2 and i stuk 2 fat balls on each hanger and th birds love it full of ideas and tips lol stay xxxxx

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  • They are really good tips you should write a book lol and put thenm allin there they are very helpful i used to buy a magazine everyweek i think it was take a break anf they alsways had a tips page i used to love reading those

    oh well keep posting them they are bound to help someone love diddle xxxxx

  • thnx 4 ur nice words i will b putting on more tips etc it keeps my mind going on a good day xx

  • Hiya Jaccoz,

    Love your tips, I'm hoping I rem to write them down soon or il forget there even were any tips, let alone what they were lol.....

    Beautiful sunny day ere again today folkz, hope yal get to enjoy it

  • lol brain fog eh ,thnx xx

  • Brill, not heard of either of these brill ideas.Very good recycling.

  • cheers iv been doing that type of things 4 years now an love it xx

  • Fantastic ideas there Jaccoz, can't wait to hear more! :)

  • defo plenty 2 come cheers xx

  • :D

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